Ryu Black’s Perfect Heaven…

I ran into the homey MeccaGodzilla at the Mass Appeal CMJ shindig and he blessed me with a copy of his concept album ‘Perfect Heaven’ where he assumes the name Ryu Black. The artwork on the project was done by Ron Wimberly whose graphic novel ‘Prince Of Cats’ is on my official graphic novel list.

‘Perfect Heaven’ is the story of a traveling warrior looking to make alliances and fight injustices wherever he encounters it. Ryu Black is the protagonist of this tale.

via YouTube…

“Metsu Ansatsuken [ 暗 殺 拳 ]” is the 1st ever video from RYU BLACK. The Long Island, NY Producer/MC, also known as MeccaGodZilla, completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to create the “Hip Hopera” style album titled “PERFECT 天” the RYU BLACK Musical. Filmed entirely in Japan by Tokyo skateboarder/street brand model Teddy Wilkins, Metsu Ansatsuken is a tribute to the 20th anniversary of the arcade smash hit StreetFighter II.”

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  1. honto arigato Dallas Penn! will catch up with you again soon!

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