I received an e-mail from an Internets who said he was starting a line of tees and wanted to make one for me in honor of my Sneaker Fiends Unite YouTube video series and general movement. Damn, that shit is dope when I learn that y’all really fux with the kid like that. Sometimes I wonder if my views and comments are only coming from spambots.

FUX with 8-Bit Bodega

The design he sent me is pictured above and was inspired by my love for the Air Jordan retro VI ‘Detroit Pistons’.

Below the 8-bit profile of the sneaker is the text #HYPEBEAST. LMAO. That shit is golden.

Here are other designs which are getting the #HYPEBEAST treatment.

The black cement Air Jordan IVs and the Air Yeezy 2s. Niiiiice.

8-Bit Bodega also made a tee in honor of Sean Price’s latest album release ‘MIC TYSON’.

Like I said previously, FUX WITH 8-BIT BODEGA

7 Responses to “HYPEBEASTS UNITE!”

  1. JT$ says:

    i can’t fux wit these ms paint joints but 2 each his own DP

  2. Cameronm says:

    Dude, they’re the Jordan 3’s, not 4’s!!!

  3. illill says:

    cameronm….he knows. dallas aint good with the romans.

  4. KingBrizz says:

    i like the nintendo vibe they rockin’ here. that sean p shit is classic material, DP.

  5. the_dallas says:

    iLL, you ain’t neva lie. I can’t get my romans right for shit

  6. illill says:

    the_dallas….lolol. got damn the pistons is yellowing. i need another pair.

  7. Mark Dub says:

    Wow…those 8-bit graphics make me nostalgic for some dang Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. LOL! I’m gon check 8-Bit Bodega out. Thanks once again for putting me onto that new-new, DP!

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