Native New Yorker Lifestyle…

I’m on this Plains indians print theme after peeping the inner lining of that Mansfield trek jacket. Right now my bread is too short, like the rapper, to handle the pricepoint for that jacket so I cut some corners in my aspirations for apparel.

This full-zip hoody caught my vision board even tho’ I got the similar joint in faded salmon.

During my last visit to Atlanta(A3C) momdukes copped this I.T. for my bornday from the Lenox Square Macy’s Big & Tall store.

I already caught this hat from the same Macy’s back during the summer in anticipation of heating up a cold winter. You know I’m not new to this native print swag.

6 Responses to “Native New Yorker Lifestyle…”

  1. T-Bag says:

    The sombrero is crack.

  2. pa says:

    The oatmeal heather hood is nice too.

  3. pmac says:

    me and my uncle still got that R.L. 94 sweeter with the big indian chief head on it like 2 yrs ago you put me on to a link that had it sold out but the price was $1500 we found it cleaning out a apartment/crack spot still in the plastic rap tags and all but we hung in a closet for yrs and the neck got stretched alittle. just crazy someone bought that for wat $40 bucks in 94 95 and its worth $1k+ fucking rich people hobbies. them hats are nice but i get drunk take my hat off in bars or houses and always lose them, plus theres a study saying not anuff sun on ya head you go bald faster.

  4. pa says:

    The Flag Patch Big Pony Polo has the native print as well.

  5. Nakia Plagge says:

    Apologies if it’s right before my eyes, but how can I contribute to this project?

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