Roc Marciano: Deeper

Here’s another visual from a track off one of the 2012 rap album of the year candidates: ‘Reloaded’

Roc Marciano calls this ‘Deeper’.

Directed by 13th Witness (seed of seminal graf artist Futura2000)

3 Responses to “Roc Marciano: Deeper”

  1. MotherGastonSpeed says:

    You know what DP? I think this ** is ** the album of the year… And if not, it’s between Roc and KA… Wu Block’ is mostly excellent there though a few of its choruses are painful to recall…

    Hate to say it but “Mic Tyson” was kind of underwhelming: a terrific performance on the mic, yes, but the content was very pro forma P! and a couple of the guest spots very dubious indeed. (Rustee juxx killed his spot though, I’ll say that.)

    Also, as someone who grew up on Art Rust Jr., Phil Rizzuto Bill White, Marv Albert, Walt Frazier and Kiner’s Korner etc– not to mention ammonia scented the old Deuce of Show World, Peepland etc– the ultra repetitive Action Bronson schtick is fatuous and irrelevant to me. If others folks are amused or just feel dude is cute and fun to smoke with, fine, but musically/lyrically there’s nothing there to sustain me (unlike, say, every Doom album ever released.)

  2. molotov says:

    i agree with MGS (above) – reloaded is the most compelling, complete album this year (MADD kidd? aight, but not by that much). sonically, lyrically, and most importantly it represents the TRUE essence of hip-hop IMO: no holds barred uncompromising street music. it’s no coincidence him and KA are co-d’s. and the rewind value? i say no more…if he releases a video for thread count – PACQUIAO STATUS…

    molotov in trenton, nj chex for you on the the redge DP. keep up the good work.

  3. james says:

    Yo gaston

    cosign 100%

    I feel the same way about…action, I mean dude is trying….but c’mon b..straight jackin ghost’s flow on some whiteboy chef shit…that shit is only fascinating to the skinny jeans set who never bought vinyl in the 90s…cause they ain’t know no better

    roc marc is that dude…a breathe of fresh air..long overdue!

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