Sisyphus Rising…


If the Knicks win the championship this season it will be because Carmelo Anthony finally got the mountainous chip off his shoulder and pushed the giant rock called Knickerbocker frustrations up the hill.

Sisyphus was a mythic king who was cursed to push a boulder up a hill in ancient Greece. Right at the apex of the mountain the boulder would become unwieldly and roll back down to the bottom of the mountain. Sisyphus would atempt time after time to push the boulder to the top yet he would continuously fail. His destiny was to do this for time immemorial.

The Knicks have been the NBA’s embodiment of Sisyphus’ struggle ever since 1973. Forty years of Knickerbocker fan frustration might just come to a close this season with a team combined of castaways and over-the-hill players. I feel like this configuration of cursed and ancient athletes bodes well for finally pushing that boulder over the hill.

3 Responses to “Sisyphus Rising…”

  1. Jaislayer says:

    Hoping the Knicks shock the world this spring and bring home the ring. All of this great play don’t mean nothing if the Knicks get popped in the 1st round of the playoffs. I’m being humble and embracing the hate. It’s easy to forget how many people hate New York everything. Its amazing and I love it. Let’s go Knicks!!

  2. Jaislayer says:

    Where in the world is Dontreivuis?

  3. BIGNAT says:

    The games in basketball really don’t matter until after football season is over.

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