Best Hip-Hop X-Mas Anthem Of All Time!


Leave it to Sean Price, the Bingo Long of the rap game, to create the best Christmas rap song evar.

Shit is foul. Pure foultry. Don’t play this loud at the office nah’mean?!

5 Responses to “Best Hip-Hop X-Mas Anthem Of All Time!”

  1. MotherGastonSpeed says:

    Awesome– P! and the Duck Down crew should all take bows for this one… Even if Santo isn’t boosting anything from Belmont Ave this year for rapping so foul!

    Play this before after Clarence Carter “Back Door Santa” and we’re good til Chinese New Year –>

  2. molotov says:


    Can’t front, nothin surprises me after all the dope skits we’ve seen from P! all year long (tennis, painter dude; dumb funny, helpin’ DRU for the marathon, etc.). alotta labels could learn a thing or three from duck down.

  3. gstatty says:

    @molotov I remember the Sean Ross skit and dude has some serious art skills. DP I laughed so motherfuckin hard at this video, thanks for sharing B.

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