Best Sneaker Of 2020…


I FUXXX with the Air Jordan 2012 Deluxe.

Most of y’all won’t catch this wave until 2020.

Then y’all just might could be able to see clearly.

8 Responses to “Best Sneaker Of 2020…”

  1. jt_DopeSole says:

    CO SIGN!!!! We know about this Dallas!!!!

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    Yeah, these and the 2011s are the best of the non-retros from 2009-on. I still have yet to grab the 2012s.

  3. james says:

    But dallas in 2020 the mcfly’s will be commonplace and we will all be using hoverboards!

  4. I just can’t do it.. no pun intended. The colors are nice but i’m just to biased with the retro Jordans to like anything new. I aint copping any new Jordans unless Jordan himself comes back from retirement wearing it.

    Django my nigga!!!!!

  5. Fosterakahunter says:

    Skee, there’s quite a few retros that Jordan never laced up for the court.

  6. Foster, i dont fux with anything retro that wasnt worn on the court by MJ himself.

  7. Fosterakahunter says:


  8. Fosterakahunter says:

    MJ makes us proud to be Chicagoans, even though he is an ├╝ber-dick.

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