After 30 Years This Box Still Rocks…


Without Video Music Box, the creation of Ralph McDaniels, there would be no BluCheezTV. Video Music Box was my after school crack. I’d rush home after school to watch music videos from rappers to punk rockers and everything in between that had soul and funk within its sound.

Video Music Box was transmitting music thru imagery. Basically what YouTube does today, but this was way before the internets and even before my parents had access to cable television. Respect the architect that Ralph McDaniels is for showing the whole of Hip-Hop before MTV, VH-1 or even B.E.T. had the platform.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five – ‘The Message’

THE CLASH – ‘This Is Radio Clash’

WHODINI – ‘Funky Beat’

The System – ‘Don’t Disturb This Groove’

Imagination – ‘Just An Illusion’


Pretty Poison – ‘Catch Me’

Malcolm McClaren – ‘Buffalo Gals’

6 Responses to “After 30 Years This Box Still Rocks…”

  1. L train says:

    I credit Ralph for opening me up to all of the great sounds and culture behind such great artist like PRT, x-clan,Sade, Prince, LL, Anita baker. Ralph should have his own show on B.E.T or MTV, much respect.

  2. MotherGastonSpeed says:

    Ralph is the man straight up; though I’m pretty disappointed with how this whole ‘hip-hop culture’ (sic) thing has panned out in the last 20 years, Ralph is one the elders who made it worth caring about in the first place and is still an inspiration in regard to how we can move forward and remember– and learn from– the past simultaneously.

  3. todd whitney says:

    yo dp

    great drop and a reminder about who started this all “visually” for me…uncle ralph mcdaniels. i remember u31 to watch all of these videos, at least that what i think it was.

    hip hop needs to do something for uncle ralph because he is truly a forefather of alot of this hip hop stuff.

    thanks dp and especially thanks uncle ralph!

  4. Fosterakahunter says:

    Awesome, amazing run.

  5. bloodbath says:


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