Combat Jack Show: The Lost Tapes


The Fuckyberg nation is growing right before my very eyes. It’s a powerful thing to witness and I have to say thanks to all of y’all loyal dP dot commenters who have been riding with me thru all the shit I post on these Internets.

Right below is some audio from the Combat Jack Show crew which didn’t make it to the Star and Buc Wild episode. We still wanted to give you that work tho’.

And I even got some Bonus Beats from Benhameen for ya’ earholes. It just don’t stop Internets.

It. Don’t. STOP!

4 Responses to “Combat Jack Show: The Lost Tapes”

  1. I thought the FBI was going to finally step in on that Dorner situation… these pigs are running wild doing and saying what ever they want. I guess i should shut the fuck up.

    There needs to be a movie done on Larry Davis.

  2. T-Bag says:

    Good looking out on the bonus joints

  3. TED says:

    Who that scary fred da godson lookin dude on the right?

  4. Combat Jack says:

    That’s Fred Da Godson.

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