Lifestyling 101…


Are y’all heads getting ready for the REAL spring season to drop? Hells chea you are and I know some of you are busy building outfits to stunt in the streets. Ralph Lauren made it easy for us with this Wild River Canoe Class series of I.T.’s. Similar to some of the recent graphic print series like Ocean Challenge, Wild River is colorblocked cleanly and brightly with all kinds of official text and tags on the pieces.

Let’s start with the Challenge jacket…


Bells, whistles, pulls, zippers and an above the waist swag that is clean and neat. Jackets are great I.T.’s because they rock in several seasons.

I fux with the full zip fleeces and the pullys.



I’ve seen a version of the pully with an integrated hood and an ID plate on the chest. That shit will be one of the superstar pieces of this series

I’m looking to top off these pieces with a chapeau from the series. I like the fit of these caps more than Ocean Challenge ballcaps which sat on my scalp like a yarmulke. I am Hebrew after all, but my style is so gentile.



I hope that patch pulls off.

Since I have been squeezing my fat ass into RLX pieces why wouldn’t I also try to get into this knit or tee?



Polo Ralph Lauren makes it easy for me to look like I give a fux about white water wild river rafting and canoeing. It’s called Lifestyling Internets. It’s what we do.

10 Responses to “Lifestyling 101…”

  1. MotherGastonSpeed says:

    Am I misremembering or isn’t there a drop or two here about DP and CS rafting or canoeing on the Delaware? Take it all the way next time and we get dinner at Han Dynasty in Philly! (Which is excellent and– true story– I was sitting right next to Mr. ?uestlove and his party the last time I was there; think he had a DJ gig in town that night.)

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    Ahh, sh@t!

  3. illill says:

    definitely what we do. I’m eyeing all those pieces. the shorts are sick too.

  4. T-Bag says:

    T-bag on the Lo check in. DP, did you ever see the Indian head shirt I sent you a pic of? That joint is an instant classic, I copped 4 of them joints.

  5. BrickCity77 says:

    Nice pieces. I’m trying to fuck with this jacket once the price drops. Definitely a spring banger

  6. Jaislayer says:

    Brickcity77 that parka is official tissue. I’m waiting for the price to drop also. DP everything I’ve seen so far from the spring collection has been fire. I’ll send some pics of my pick ups. Bong!

  7. I just walked thru Macy’s and saw the heat… Damn there are some stunnas.. Indian Head patches and logos, all kinds of heat for days.. I’m still kind of in shock, gonna be an expensive season fo sho…

  8. BIGNAT says:

    rlx gets all the way up into my underarm i can’t do it. at leats get me a 1 xb i can do that lol.
    @brick that joint is nice does it come in big and tall?
    i shouldn’t be spending money right now anyway jetlife aussieland in may ever year i’m going to another country. if they kick greece out the euro union i’m going there

  9. the_dallas says:

    I’m enjoying this series but I’m gonna wait it out because I think the Fall will be THAT series

  10. BrickCity77 says:

    @Dallas With the bear pieces making a comeback, the fall maybe apart of the history books

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