Get Ready 4 Combat…


R.A. The Rugged Man was almost a client of Reggie Osse, but he opted otherwise and this motivated Combat Jack to leave the music business and become a weblogger.

Get ready for Combat…

2 Responses to “Get Ready 4 Combat…”

  1. T-Bag says:

    Great show! I’m a big R.A. Fan, you guys need to have a part two. I want to hear in more detail about when R.A. Went into a “dark place”.

  2. Suthphin Archer III says:

    T-Bag, speak to me, because I was going to say this is a real test of DP & CJ’s hosting abilities (which need not be proven again as BlueCheez, IC and Dontrevius Wenter all have very impressive bodies of work) because R.A. is deeply unlikable and largely uninteresting guy… Vinnie Paz & Stoupe saved what remnants of an imaginary career he had with “Uncommon Valor”– nearly EVERYTHING else the guy has dropped is fucking cornball, or worse, though he does have that one flow down… I don’t buy the “legend” bullshit at all and the excuses– possible addiction or mental illness included– don’t wash… Let alone the fraudulent Biggie quote some of his fans believe in still.

    Not saying we can’t have different opinions but in terms of musical quality, the dude is not happening from “Crustified Dibbs” onwards.

    DP, I have issues with a good bit of his work (gratuitous fag bashing and some other dumb content) but Vinnie Paz would be an interesting guest and is a good bit smarter than his persona sometimes allows.

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