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Since my new year pretty much coincides with the highest of holidays I thought that I would read myself a Bible verse. While it’s true I consider myself some sort of writer and definitely a bootleg philosopher, the Bible is pretty humbling testimony even if you read it from the allegorical perspective. Folks had it rough back in the days and GOD wasn’t taking no shorts either. Cats were getting ‘smited’ with a quickness for getting out of pocket with the LORD.

Remember when them fools had that Egyptian Idol party and SIMON and PAULA ABDUL were trying to hook people up with a recording contract with Golden Calf Records? Then Black Moses came back from the mountain and started whupping azz because he knew GOD was gonna have to smite a nigga. Y’all know the G.O.D. don’t play that Golden Calf bizzle.

I will read from the book of DEUTERONOMY which is basically about MOSES reaffirrming GOD’s covenant with the Isrealites. If the Jews remained faithful with GOD their blessings would be immeasurable, but if they broke the covenant GOD would bring the pain.

Let’s start with Chapter 28, Verse 32 :
Your sons and daughters will be given to a foreign nation while you look on and grieve for them in constant helplessness. A people whom you do not know will consume the fruit of your soil and of all your labor, and you will be oppressed and crushed at all times without cessation, until you are driven mad by what your eyes must look upon.

Ch 28, V 36 :
The LORD will bring you, and your king whom you have set over you, to a nation which you and your fathers have not known, and there you will serve strange gods of wood and stone, and will call forth amazement, reproach and barbed scorn from all the nations to which the LORD will lead you.

Ch 28, V 41 :
Though you beget sons and daughters, they will not remain with you, but will go into captivity.

Ch 28, V 43 :
The alien residing among you will rise higher and higher above you, while you sink lower and lower.

Ch 28, V 49 :
The LORD will raise up against you a nation from afar, from the end of the earth, that swoops down like an eagle, a nation whose tongue you do not understand, a nation of stern visage, that shows neither respect for the aged nor pity for the young.

Those verses are pretty deeep to me and I am not nearly as intelligent or pious as I may appear right now. All I’m sayin’ is that this is a New Year and that means it’s time to do new things, to meet new challenges and create new experiences. And most of all to thank GOD for the gift that is the journey.

Shalom L’shanah Tovah

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