Just Be Good To Her…


I had to drop another of C.S. favorite songs for her approaching new year.

Sometimes I forget how long she has been putting in work as my guiding light. She loves this jazz dude Greg Porter and this video was directed by one of my inspirations – Pierre Bennu.

I’m just caught up in a rapture of C.S. light right now.

How lucky am I?


6 Responses to “Just Be Good To Her…”

  1. Suthphin Arhcer III says:

    Respect the C.S.!!!

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    How long have you and C.S. been connecting, if you don’t mind my inquiry?

  3. Eloheemstar says:


  4. Suthphin Arhcer III says:

    excellent Gregory Porter p/s, “1960 What?”–


  5. BIGNAT says:

    that was great

  6. LEX says:

    I love this song and video. I saw this on VH1 Soul one day.

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