Revenge of the Nerds pt.2

goat boy

The internets ran a funny story last week about this new surgery that’s becoming available – face transplants. I kind of like the idea that there could be, like, a thousand more BeYONCE look-a-likes in the coming years. While reading up on the face transplant surgery I came across a story that had some Island of Dr. Moreau implications.

Some European scientists have paved the way for human-animal organ transplants. What is becoming evident to me is that European scientists have some fucked up priorities. Instead of putting in the overtime to isolate and defeat the HIV virus or tit cancer these geek freaks are trying to figure out how to put a prehensile tail on people.

I can’t really blame these scientists because someone has to bankroll their madness. So instead of being upset I guess that I should just accept this Brave New World we are forced to live in. I always did like that ‘Goat Boy’ sketch on SNL.

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