Be A Champion…


I was digging thru some throwback flicks because I knew I’d find a pic of myself rocking a Champion reverse weave sweatshirt. Instead of finding my image I see the man, the myth and the legend, Ambush. Hail Meg!

Champion is one of a handful of brands I am forever loyal to. The construction of their reverse weave sweatshirt was legendary. The comfort of the item was undeniable. The other key to Champion was the fact they were UNDERBRANDED. They used a little embroidered ‘C’ on their tit and a smaller ‘C’ on the wrist.

I was introduced to a Champion rep last year at SneakerCON. I told him what I appreciated about the brand and he asked me to keep in touch with him. The wheels in the marketing game turn slowly, but as least they move surely in this instance. I got a box to the crib with some dopa ass Champion pieces. Let’s talk about them…



The camo print hoody has the crucial detail I needed to see and that would be the wrist with the ‘C’.


I like this classic track jacket for its simple and clean colorblocking.



The leather sleeved letterman varsity is the TRUTH!

6 Responses to “Be A Champion…”

  1. SlickRickA2 says:

    Letterman Varsity is clean, all 3 pieces are just begging to be architechure-ed. Champion is a must-have brand. Even in sunny Cali the Super Hood (conehead hoodie) is a staple..

  2. JaiSlayer says:

    DP all those pieces are dope. I’ve never seen any Champion gear except the sweatshirt & hoody. Good for them to hook up with you. I don’t see much promotion for Champion on the Internets. I would only see promo at Modell’s. Salutes to Champion for recognizing the power of Bong.

  3. DirtyJerz says:

    That camp goody? HCIBD 2013

  4. the_dallas says:

    Jerz, holler at me on the TWits. I sent you those OG 180s and they came back to me

  5. cocotaso says:

    that letterman is crucial, but the winner to me is that camo hoodie. you know if thats coming out or some sample type status?

  6. the_dallas says:

    I don’t know if that cam conehead hoodie is dropping. My dude from Champion said several of the items would only be samples

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