Outfit Architecture…


You are in the navy now Lifestylers!

I’ve got a few new naval themed I.T.’s in the archive but nothing is hitting harder than this satin jacket with the sickest embroidery on the back.


The pants were on clearance at Bloomies and the Tiger’s (Asics) were a nice pickup from Nordstrom Rack. Ha, I should have racked them, but I was the only jig in the store.

Who can be mad at $35 tho’? The khaki cargos were even cheaper at $32.50 because Bloomie’s clearance is -50% off the LOWEST ticket price.




How boss is that embroidery?

The real reason I’m rocking the Onitsuka Tigers in this ‘Fit is because the jacket told me to.


5 Responses to “Outfit Architecture…”

  1. Jaislayer says:

    That jacket is ridiculous smh. Nordstrom Rack & a few other outlets always have great sales on kicks, sunglasses & gear. Folks be sleeping though lol

  2. T-Bag says:

    The jacket is retarded

  3. Alan says:

    I like the jacket…..dallas you spending that just blaze money on jawns

  4. DirtyJerz says:

    Definite splash!
    Nordstrom rack is my go-to come up spot for sneakers, dress shoes and haberdashery.

    What rock was I under when that jacket came out? That thang goes!

  5. Brooklyn_Lo says:

    Copped the jacket from Bloomies with 20% off plus $75 in loyalists bucks. Don’t know if it qualifies as a come up but it was close enough for me.

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