The cRap Music Fantasy League (beta)

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Alright cRap Music Moguls, the intro e-mail has been sent out to e-mail addresses that you provided in the initial post. I know some of you as regulars on the site so that is why you don’t have a confirmation e-mail, but all of the new jacks have to show and prove.

Let’s use the time before January 1st to get all the kinks out of the system. If you guys are going to be good cRap Music Moguls you are going to need a points system. This is how you rate how productive your artists are for you. Since rap music has taken over the pop music landscape here in America it’s easier to find your artists receiving media exposure in mainstream outlets. People, TIME and LIFE magazines which have long been a barometer for mainstream America consciousness have featured cRap stars on their covers all within the last year. The easy part should be picking your artists. The hard part will be knowing when to release them and move on. You will receive money points for all the entertainment industry achievements that your cRappers secure.

Since you will earn the most money points in cRap Music Fantasy League when an artist on your roster reaches gold or platinum certification the idea will be to have artists with potential for such feats. Even more important than that will be to have artists that have material being released. If your artist makes platinum plaques but isn’t releasing anything in the first quarter you may want to drop that artist. Artists that find themselves in the news are also good for your roster because they help you generate notoriety points. Think of these points in terms of the mythical ‘street credibility’. You want your roster of cRappers to be highly ranked on both money points and notoriety points.

While reading Nah’Right I saw the story of Detroit cRapper TRICK TRICK signing a record contract with G-UNIT. If you had TRICK TRICK on your roster you would have scored money points.

trick trick

At the same time, you should be looking to release TRICK TRICK from your roster as soon as possible because the chance of him getting a gold record with G-UNIT or even releasing a record with them is pretty slim, and I’m not talking Shady. TRICK TRICK is a G, and they need him to keep the SUGEs of the world in line. That’s not going to help you score points in the cRap Music Fantasy League. Here is a breakdown for the points system…


  • artist reaches gold certification – 500 points
  • artist reaches platinum certification – 500 points
  • artist signs a marketing/merch deal(clothing/soda pop/etc.) – 250 points
  • artist receives award – 200 points
  • artist signs a record label deal – 100 points
  • artist releases an album(mixtapes NOT incl.) – 100 points
  • artist releases a music video – 50 points
  • artist releases a Billboard top 25 ranked single – 50 points
  • artist album review/cover story in MSM (NYTimes, SPIN, Rolling Stone) – 25 points
  • NOTORIETY POINTS (for crimes artist lose money points)

  • artist does jail time – 500 points(-100 money points)
  • artist arrested for assault – 300 points(-50 money points)
  • artist arrested for sexual crime – 200 points(-50 money points)
  • artist arrested for gun/drug possession – 100 points(-25 money points)
  • artist arrested for tax evasion – 50 points(-25 money points)
  • artist arrested for DUI – 50 points(-25 money points)
  • artist appears on Oprah – 200 points
  • artist appears on non-OPRAH talk show – 50 points
  • artist cameo on television program – 100 points


  • artist may not be dropped/signed until the end of playweek (Saturday 11:59pm EST)
  • artist may not be resigned once dropped
  • if artist becomes deceased during playweek record label has option to submit another artist name for transfer
  • there is no limit to number of dead artists that a label may hold
  • there is no limit to number of female artists that a label may hold
  • labels may hold only (1) R&B vocalist
  • Now’s the time for questions and comments to help me refine the playing field. If you see anything that you think needs to added please put it in the comments section. There is an e-mail issued to everyone that put in a label request previously. Answer that e-mail with your label name and you are good to go.

    15 Responses to “The cRap Music Fantasy League (beta)”

    1. noz says:

      is it too late to get down?

    2. sangano says:

      yo here’s my email if u need it.

    3. LM says:

      So people can switch things up week to week? How long is the “season”? Don’t give me time to figure out what I’m doing.

    4. nomamesbuey says:

      Yo Dallas, I can send you an e-mail to for my NoMamesBuey Sqaudrilateral Records label

      Pls confirm this is the protocol. Peace

    5. 911 says:

      I’m far 2 lazy…..such a shame I woulda mopped the floor wit y’all.

    6. get fresh says:

      Ok so what about the overlap? For instance, a mogul signs Nas, whose album drops in the 4th quarter. Do you still receive points when his album goes gold in the 1st quarter?

    7. the_dallas says:

      Good questions all around…

      @ SANGANO – since you are a regular to the site I was already giving you your label

      @LM – the beta season will be for the 1st business quarter, 1/1/2007 – 3/31/2007. I want to see how well things work with all of us before I extend it through the year.

      @ NOMAMESBUEY – you mean the e-mail address that you leave on my site isn’t your actual e-mail address?!? Send an e-mail to

      @GET FRESH – I don’t care what happened before 1/1/2007. If the artist you have on your roster is certified as gold or platinum while they are on your roster YOU get the points.

    8. starin at the barrel of my niNe says:

      .. uhm,
      My other email account, not working.. Switch?

    9. Eloheem Star says:


      cRappers are also involved in the movie industry.
      There should be points awarded if the crapper is involved in a hit movie or stage play. Just a thought…

    10. S Dot says:


      I know this only happens to the bigger acts, but what if an artist goes on tour? You should get money for that and then notoriety points as well because most major hip hop tours end with gun/drug charges, bodyguards getting shot, fights breaking out at shows, cancellation of dates, people quitting and running to radio stations bitching….the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

    11. I’m mad late in the game b/c I thought I put my e-mail on the last joint. I didn’t though.

    12. Dana Dane says:

      Ur DREAM has been FULFILLED Ent.

      Foxy Brown
      Justin Timberlake
      Nas Clipse
      Bow Wow
      Lil Wayne

    13. Rich Arte says:

      Team LymeLyte

      1. NeYo
      2. Foxy
      3. T.I.
      4. 50
      5. Weezy F.
      6. Jim Jones
      7. Game
      8. Jigga

    14. 1,2,1,2...itdontstop81 says:

      The Better Label:

      2.50 cent
      5.The Game
      6.Foxy brown

      3.His rhymes stand to make him a catalyst in future years to come with his growing fanbase and persona plus he can be depended on to f-up and kiss a man every once in a while. (controversy sells)
      4.He’s a damn good hitmaker! a lil’ bit on the funny lookin’ side but time and time again he’s proven to be consistent and whores like’em.
      5.I don’t give two shits about this “gangbanger” but he’ll eventuall get popped or have some kinda altercation wit’ someone from the unit.
      6.This should be obvious she’s the greatest rapper to never rap and still garnish more attention than your favorite rapper.
      7. what more can I say?
      8.He’s the golden boy, unruly,marketable,a major selling factor and hitmaker so if it comes down to it I’ll sell his ashes if I got too.

    15. willz says:

      BIGGER than Ringtones :

      1.50 cent
      4.Ja Rule
      6.Ne Yo
      8.Kanye West

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