NBA SEASON 2006-07: Yes Homo!


Before we even discuss the basketball game that broke out during the boxing match at Madison Square Garden last night can we all just look at the above image for a moment. How gay does that look?

The NBA has seen all of this before and they haven’t helped themselves either in their greedy lust to find another MICHAEL JORDAN. When you draft athletes solely for their athleticism then you missing out on the most important component in sports. Sportsmanship. All of these wonderful athletes know how to run and jump and dunk the basketball, but none of them have enough basketball skill to make a good bounce pass or to defend the pick and roll. These guys are one trick ponies that don’t even know how to respect their own teammates, so why would we expect them to respect another team?


I blame this on the fact that a lot of these players are raised by their mothers or their grandmothers. JIMMY’s got a little bitch in him and it manifests itself when he gets frustrated. I commended the league for making all of these guys take off the pantyhose this year. It wasn’t a gay look because they were tight, it was a gay look because they WERE tights.

The NBA’s image problem however won’t be solved by butching up the uniforms. As long as America promotes this twisted concept of masculinity to its men, Black men will end up looking like savages or worse, hockey players.


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  1. sangano says:

    props for the One-trick-pony line…been a personal fav since jr. year in the U…..o and only a canuck could look utterly serene while fisticuffing it

    nate was G last nite….and marty’s a serene cat..he really didn’t want it…carmelo sniffed pussy and hit it…dude fell and all..i hate when my NYK’s get herbed at all esp at HOME

  2. Billy Sunday says:

    ^yeah tho’ the snuff by ‘Melo was bitchmade.

    I smell pussy on that dude biggtime. You see his scoring avg against Arteeest?

  3. sangano says:

    who carm nah

  4. eauhellzgnaw says:

    Don’t forget that Melo was caught on that stupid “Stop Snitchin” video.

    Just to play devil’s advocate a bit: I don’t get why sports fans, and especially the news media gets all twisted about these fights. Do these folks not remember the NBA before the mid 90s? There were far more fights then, and they were far more violent. I used to love watching Hakeem bust some heads, and I would relish when Ainge got his bitch ass kicked. I understand that the NBA worked like mad to change its image, but blaming everything on the current generation is a little too convenient. To listen to these assholes, there has never been anything violent or negative in sports before rap music and cornrows.

  5. ME says:

    Why must u always compare us to white people? iI’m starting to sense the oreo in you.

  6. Drew says:

    What’s up with the left side of Channing Frye’s mug in that pic?

  7. Billy Sunday says:


    Black men play hockey too ME a/k/a anonymous faggert. Oreo?!? Are you representative for someone other than yourself? Do you pay your child support on time? Do you even know who your father is?

    Basketball and baseball are the two professional sports where fisticuffs hurts their marketing more than football and hockey which have helmeted players. The Association has gone through a myriad list of problems which seem to parallel the Black community. My contention is that as long as America turns their backs on its citizens we will continue to manifest these types of athletes.

    Incidentally, I had a great time this weekend at a friend’s house party in Red Hook Brooklyn. These folks bought a three story townhouse and every year they have a raging kegger and someone brings brownies or cookies. Nah’Mean? One year I did the Fresh Prince Carlton dance to a big 80’s CD for about 3 hours straight.

  8. CB4 says:

    @Drew – It’s two pictures put together, but they’re overlapping… so Frye got his face cut off…

  9. Re-up says:

    So there was a fight, so what? These are grown ass men playing a sport and sometimes tempers boil and people get disrespected. i think they puss for not duking it out like real men. All this pushing shit is stupid and melo is a bitch cause he ran like he was at a trackmeet.

    The stupid shit is David Stern trying to tie this to the league being “hip hop oriented”. Which is a way at saying the league is catering to blacks too much. he is basically trying to tie all these issues to black culture in a sublime way.

    Hockey is mostly white, and the fight alot, so what? If hockey was 90% black you would probably hear the Hockey commisioner saying its “Hip Hop image related”. Soccer is the most watched game in the world, they have 11 players on each team and have bigger brawls sometimes but nothing much is made out of it and the game moves on.

    Bottom line people (and David Stern) stop getting ur panties in a twist over 1 bitchslap thrown. This wasn’t really a damn fight.

  10. Re-up says:

    Black men will end up looking like savages or worse, hockey players.

    Are u serious? This is 2006, black men are already looked at as savages. Plus the fans love this shit, believe it or not.

  11. S Dot says:

    What kills me about David Stern trying to “white-ify” the NBA is that the NHL is 90% white and their ratings can’t even beat re-runs of World Series of Poker ’03. So what, a fight breaks out? The Nuggets were clowning the Knicks at home already up by 20 with 2 minutes left in the game. How can you have any respect for your team and your fans if you DON’T send a message as guys are doing reverse dunks when up by two dimes?

    Mardy Collins is on his Norf Philly shit! Temple, bitches! Thank you Mardy for putting J.R. Smith in his face, and then consequently getting snuck by the manly Carmelo Anthony, who turned into Cam’ron at the Rucker when Jim Jones got crushed by Junior Mafia.


  12. prynsex says:

    Did I hear somewhere that………

    NBA = No Blacks Allowed

  13. prynsex says:

    Oh and BTW, that first pic does look GAY!

  14. mrkamoji says:

    15 games for Melo is a lil much J.O. clocked a fan got 25 games and only served 15, where is the precedence. Anywhoo West Baltimore represented hard, that is the best bitch slap I have seen in a couple of years. A lot of people have said it was a sucker punch but how much of a sucker punch can it be when dude is standing in front of you after you bring his team mate down by grabbing his head. Sheeeeet, you know something is going keep your head up or as Philly niggas say get down or lay down – ha.

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