For the last year Sprint has been the exclusive telecommunications provider to the staff at DALLASPENN Dot Com. We used several different models of the Power Vision supported Samsung equipment as well as the new LG “FUSIC” device. We thank Sprint for their continued sponsorship of the website and we hope the new year finds us in a better place with our overall tech portfolio.

If any of you readers have a Best Buy hook up holler black at your boy.

samsung SAMSUNG A920
The Samsung A 900 series holds MP3 files and photographs on a micro memory card. Since I already have an iPod I didn’t use the phone to listen to music. Actually, for the six month promotional period the phone helped me maintain the website. It had a fully functional web browser that supported HTML code so I could make revisions to posts and join comment threads when I wasn’t ever near a PC. The cellphone was wildly reliable too.

I want a Blackberry just so I can look important. What the hell did we do as a civilization before the advent of these devices. When people say, “keep in touch”, it has less and less to do with human contact anymore. The Wall Street Journal has a funny story about parents who would rather relate to their Blackberry phones than their kids. I want that for my life too.

As far as gaming systems are concerned, the PS 2 is a relic, but I am cool with that anyhoo. I just want to play Grand Theft Auto for hours on end until my fat arse welds itself to my leather couch. After several years in the same position I will become one with my couch. The emergency service workers will have to put me and my couch into the ambulance together. In the operating room they would confuse my stomach with the buttery soft couch leather and I would lose so much blood that I end up dying in the hospital. But right before I die I whisper, “Rosebud”.

If you humps really loved me then you would get me one of these bad boys. These flash drive memory card collabos help me keep the website mobile. 1 Gigabyte drive holds music files and tons of wacky photos. The 512MB memory card goes into my still camera that I use to take candid pictures of homeless people and my sneakers. I’ll be selling sponsorship opportunities to the website early this year. How about having a category at DP Dot Com being named after you? Poppa needs a new pair of shoes.
flash drive

The image shows an RFID transmitter and the tiny scar on your hand where the transponder is implanted. When I was a little kid I remember the crazy Seventh Day Adventists referring to the ‘Mark Of The Beast’ and how we would all have to accept it in order to trade and barter in the new world order. It makes all the sense to me now since I see that we are moving closer to a single global monetary system and the reactionary political forces are limiting the free movement of people and information. Merry Christmas bitches.


  1. Quayshah says:

    radio frequency I.D. Implants……damn!
    do you think legalizing prostitution is on the horizon?

  2. Vik says:

    rfid = mark of the beast.

    brilliant insight.

    nice one….may have to steal it….

  3. Candice says:

    I have the Blackberry 7520 and I love it. It really is crack….thanks to the job for buying it and paying for it. LOL

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