Outfit Architecture…


I’ll be going home for the holidays this year. Down to Atlanta to see me good ol’ mum. She didn’t throw me shade even tho’ I didn’t visit her during my stay for A3C but I knew she wasn’t happy with me. I’m hoping two weeks in December will make up for that slight back in October.

You already know how we do this…


This is the Macy*s yuppie bear sweater as my outfit’s centerpiece.

Before we get to the sweater let’s look at some of the other pieces in this ‘Fit like the equestrian trench I stole from Marshall’s. Well not stolen but a clearance comeup like a mother.




Levi’s 501s and the Timberland Water Otter Buck field boot. Nothing too flashy, just clean freshness.

I’m finally flourishing, but only slightly. This is the bear sweater from Macy’s. The design is still swagged the fux out but the RL.com bear has a crest on his blazer. I’ma need that one too. I mean two(2).


5 Responses to “Outfit Architecture…”

  1. illill says:

    tjmaxx got Olympic USA RL 12 sweater flavas
    That jacket is the freshness Dallas

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    Doing it with that fall ‘fit.

  3. T-Bag says:

    Polo needs to quit bullshiting and come out with the snow beach pieces. I’ll empty my bank account for those joints.

  4. LEX says:

    Nice come up on that jacket.. I like th macys bear better than the one they had online.. always like the year stitching and this bear don’t have the creepy grin..

  5. Soundwave says:

    The LO sweater is six games of full court sweaty balls funky. Virginia Loses!

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