Outfit Architecture…


I’m excited for the next few Outfit Architecture drops I’ll be posting. The sales on Fall items are going nutts at my favorite spots.

I’d been stacking this ‘Fit for a minute, building it brick by brick until I had it correct.


I needed the LeBron X Elite ‘Superhero’ to make it all official.

The RLX vest is a stunner.



Vintage Polo Sport golf pants. Not Polo Sport RLX joints, but Polo Sport from the early 1990s. POW!

Caught this tee at Macy’s for $10 cent.



The LeBron X’s were a copp at SneakerCON this weekend. I been stalking these shoes and I was lucky to find someone willing to give me a deal on a VNDS pair. In architecture you consider your footings your building’s foundation. Outfit architecture is no different.

3 Responses to “Outfit Architecture…”

  1. illill says:

    That vest is love….I never found it in a XXL

  2. Soundwave says:

    I second that. The vest is tops!

  3. cocotaso says:

    please dallas don’t hurt em.

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