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Playing around here in Sundance has disconnected me from the real world somewhat. I missed the president’s State of the Union speech the other evening. The gist I am getting from all the newsreels is that the president is saying the fiasco in Iraq can only get better if we suspend our knowledge of the truth and go further into the wormhole.

This solution isn’t just blatant disrespect and unacknowledgment for those that have paid the ultimate price, but it smacks everyone else in the face that has said this isn’t what we want for our brothers, sisters and fellow Americans. It makes me wonder why we still waste our time using the terms ‘Democrat’ and ‘Republican’ when talking about the politicians that work on the Beltway. The midterm elections and the resignation of DONALD RUMSFELD are valueless if we are to spend another year in the godforsaken desert.

HILLARY and BARACK and JOHN McCAIN are part of the problem at this point. Could pretty boy JOHN EDWARDS be the answer to two terms of a corrupt and deceitful administration? Where’s Dr. LENORA FULANI when you need her?


  1. Why is Edwards the answer when he grabbed his ankles while running with Kerry and debating Cheney?

    I lost all respect for that dude.
    He needs to answer for 2004 before he starts this 2008 shit.

  2. Nigeria says:

    I still find the Mission Accomplished stunt bizarre, bordering on farcical but simultaneously amusing. so choreographed, yet it was so short sighted. Georgie Boy looked like he enjoyed performing in the spectacle, playing dress up, it was highly theatrical.

  3. Eloheem Star says:

    We need a radical change in our foreign and domestic policies. Neither the dems or the reps are willing to display any integrity. We the people really should be supporting a third party in order to keep this country balanced. We live in an imperialist society with a spirit of democracy.

  4. Amadeo says:

    How about this…elect Hilary have her appoint Bill to something and then kill all the people above him so he can be Pres., He was at least entertaining. Despite what they try to say the way he shaped the military took soldiers out of harms way. Granted they included bombing the hell out of your country and populace, but we still do that anyway. Can we at least get him to play the sax.

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