Lifestyle Steals


Denim & Supply reversible down vest* – $45 (with -25% coupon)
Polo factory Outlets
*My 1st D&S piece


I went on a lifestyle spree to close out the year and picked up some classic timeless pieces. Some of the joints were actually replacements like the two knits pictured above

Blue label S/S cotton knits – $45 (with -25% coupon)
Polo factory Outlets


I stalked this jacket slightly and when Bloomingdale’s did their half-price off the lowest ticket price shenanigans I jumped right in. The knit hats were on sale at the flagship store in Lenox Square Mall in ATL. Original MSRP for the ski caps was $125

Modern Explorer 2013 zip-up jacket – $99

Holiday 2013 wool knit caps – $42
Polo flagship stores

3 Responses to “Lifestyle Steals”

  1. illill says:

    that jacket is so sick in person I finessed that for $99 too

  2. LEX says:

    I just scooped that jacket for 106.. I gotta hit up bloomies.. That vest is a nice come up too. I was eyeballing that for a minute and never pulled the trigger. I wanna hit the crossings soon but they usually are pretty dry.

  3. Charlie says:

    Ughhh im so pissed ill never get bootgodd discounts like that jacket

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