Some Shit I Learnt In The Land Of The Sundancers…

black skiers

Negroes go skiing!?!?!

Never in my cotton picking life would I believe that so many jigs listened to Talk Talk and also went skiing. Real skiing too, not just posing in a parka with some goggles on your head like I do. The Black folk that came to Park City, Utah were not just mulatto COLIN POWELL apologists either. There were even some darkskin Blacks with moustaches. Whoa! Sundance blew my mind like that. If I ever give up this Hip-Hop shit I know that there will be a community ready to embrace me on the left coast. Peep this shit…And the video channel is called ‘BUPPIE TV’!?!?!?!

What the fuck the fuck is BUPPIE TV you ask? Is it the dream realized? Is it the negro network that BILL COSBY once envisioned for himself where DuBOIS’ Talented Tenth and BOOKER T’s Ascendant Negores create programming that displays the diversity and intelligence of African Americans?

NIGGA PLEASE!!! BUPPIE TV is just some more of that Black Bullshit.This is why the ‘Internets Celebrities’ are so necessary in today’s world. We bring the truth to the light. We represent for all of those people that live in their parent’s basements and get outside not so much. We represent for all of those people that don’t date as often as they might like to because of things like speech impediments or body odor. We represent for all the nerds, geeks and dweebs on the internets that dream of living the lifestyle, but they don’t have 1/1000 million billionth of that BILL GATES type scrilla.


The ‘Internets Celebrities’ are real people for the people.

The Internets Celebrities Go To The Sundance Film Festival series of videos rocks on with Episode 4 titled “Sundance Real Facts” and will continue this week up to Episode 7. Please join this movement and show love to all the people that sit on the internets all day drinking red Kool-Aid from their “special” cup with the R2-D2 crazy straw.

8 Responses to “Some Shit I Learnt In The Land Of The Sundancers…”

  1. Savage says:

    Where can I get a crazy R2-D2 straw?!

  2. AC says:

    I’m sipping that Kool-Aid watching Internets Celebrities Episode 4.

  3. Vik says:


    what’s good with all those schwag bags!!

  4. floodwatch says:

    Ahh… delicous, sparkling, refreshing red Kool-Aid. Keep on keepin’ on, Internets Celebrity.

  5. Candice says:

    Red Kool Aid rocks…..especially with extra sugar.

  6. Candice says:

    Carl Lewis? HA HAAHA HA HAHA HA

  7. esbee says:

    I guffawed when dude said BLACK AMERICANS…and maaaan ol’ girl dang near said ‘awesome’ about 30 times..throughout.

  8. sasha says:

    vids in order.

    (1) “black american kids”? his white momma taught him that politically correct lingo

    (2) that fat girl fell off her shoe. and i peed my pants a little.

    (3) i keep flashing back to that carl lewis workout/music video. with his geechy ass. AND you need me on security. i’da strong armed the asshole into an interview. or showed some tit. whatev. 🙂

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