Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Assholes

My Uncle Tom met Bill Bennett

The truth about WILLIAM BENNETT’s remarks is that they are accurate. He has cleverly couched his comments by referring to one of my favorite books as his source material. FREAKONOMICS is a very detailed and compelling read that I would recommend to anyone who wants to blow a few hours learning about the years of research that go into these types of social studies.

So while it is true that if we aborted all Black babies there would be a reduction in the crime rate, the decline would be nowhere near the number reduction we’d see if we aborted white babies. Just look at the sheer numbers across the country. We would be removing the babies of nearly 65% of the American population. Crystal Meth production would completely disappear; OxyContin sales would drop off by more than 90%; and the welfare rolls (act like you know!) would shrink to a manageable size. And yet, despite all the pros for aborting white babies, think about the things that we’d be missing out on:

1) NO MORE HIPSTERS! How many times have you seen these skinny bohemians walking their dogs and smoking Marlboro Lights in a downtrodden neighborhood?

2) NO MORE MTV! Without white babies to grow up weened on the cultural hustling of the Music Television Network, MTV will become a Spanish-speaking channel with marathon re-runs of Sabado Gigante.

3) NO MORE CRATE & BARREL STORES! No more white babies means no more customers for the overpriced and underwhelming home outlet. You don’t honestly think that Black babies are going to grow up and want to spend $500 on a coffee making machine, do you?

Nahh, the Black babies would steal it first.

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