Make Up To Break Up…

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CHOCOLATE SNOWFLAKE and I were going through a little turbulence the last few weeks because shit gets like that sometimes. My sneaker collection annoys her so I don’t speak on it with her, but then when I talk about it with other people (y’all) it becomes a problem and now I’m not communicating.

WTF?!? is Not Communicating? I fucking spend as much time as possible writing. When I’m not writing I’m talking and that includes everywhere. I talk in my sleep, I talk in the shower and I have conversations when I’m shitting (which annoys me because I enjoy the ‘me’ time shitting is supposed to provide). I’ve given up trying to understand women. As long as I have some money to spend on her I suppose she will be satisfied because when it comes to communicating I’m all talked out. Here’s the type of shit that you have to get into if you want to keep your smart girlfriend…

C.S. invited me to this funky sushi spot just east of Gramercy Park called East. The attraction is this conveyor belt that winds through the restaurant with color coded plates of sushi and shellfish. The spot is actually inexpensive, but C.S. and I managed to create a hefty bill from the special shit we ordered. Fresh oysters, and tasty eel pieces as well as several glasses of plum wine. We left there full and twisted and went to this dive in lower Manhattan’s TriBeCa to attend the Hip-Hop karaoke party.

I thought that Hip-Hop karaoke would be more enjoyable, but it wasn’t. The highlight of the night for me was the surprise appearance of O.C. during the B.I.G. tribute. After O.C. left the stage C.S. and I left the club.

On Saturday night my folks met C.S.’s parents for the first time. We’ve dated for 2.5 years and I’ve already met her folks and she’s already met mine, but this was the first family summit. C.S.’s peeps are the classic, traditional, Huxtable type, grade A material family. My side is more wild for the night, do what you like stylee. We all convened at a restaurant on City Island called Sammy’s. This is where the fancy negroes go to eat shellfish. Fuck a Red Lobster. Back in the days City Island was where all the two-bit, five and dime hustlers went to trick off paper. Seafood restaurants line the the island’s single main street like a gauntlet. Despite the proliferation of casual dining experiences in the city, City Island retains it’s caché because if you don’t have a whip you can’t easily get there. I balled out by picking up the check for table.

These two nights were made possible by the timely paperwork issued to BILLY SUNDAY from the evil empire of Hip-Hop known as XXL magazine. If not for that digit, C.S. and I would have been eating that new double Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s.

I gotta stay on my grizzly to see where I can score some more cheddar to fatten my bank account.

Don’t ever think that size doesn’t matter to women.

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  1. P-Matik says:

    Sammy’s is dope. Good food and it don’t break the pockets.

  2. 911 says:

    I’ve excepted it….it being they way women act…peaks and valleys as long as there are more “ands” I’m good…try that.

  3. Tony says:

    Where in the hell was this site when I was in college!!!

    Thanks for the slice of life post Dallas, it’s good to know that even a blogger with a hell of a lot more game than I still has to struggle to keep his significant other squared.

    Also, you folks are brave with the seafood. I saw somebody die once after a bout with bad shell fish and now the Pope himself couldn’t get me to keep the fish Friday thing that we Cath-o-holics are supposed to stick to . . . Also, have I mentioned that this blog keeps getting better and better? I just did.

    Rock on.

  4. Skeeter Valentine says:

    significant others….bah humbug. I hate talkin when I’m takin a shit too….it’s annoying. And who would wanna talk to someone when they are makin deliveries anyway….nasty

  5. j says:

    off topic, but i believe the lady in the pic is a chinese-french hottie by the name of elodie yung. she don’t look black, and those features can’t pass for redbones either.

  6. FaTBoY says:

    I will never understand women either. Trying to understand a woman is like trying to determine which came first the chicken or the egg. Or trying to explain why men have nipples. You can’t do it. Therefore, we as men just have to accept the fact that we need our women so we’re gonna have to deal with their mood swings.

    Cuz as bad as it can get sometimes; I can only imagine how much worse it would be without my special lady.

    Just think about that feeling you got when you were single and everywhere you went it seemed like everyone was in love but you. Every resturant, movie, show, or concert that came to your town you couldn’t go to because you didn’t have anyone to take. It’s a terrible feeling. So if you go someone good and it’s worth it, then do what you gotta do to keep her.

  7. Beck says:

    YO!!! City Island is the shit. For real, you mentioning that just brought back crazy memories. I am overseas in S. Korea right now. That threw me back to when Mom Dukes would get the special check and she take us out to Sammy’s. Shit if off the chain, especially after a nice day at Rye Playland. What you know?

  8. Vik says:

    yo….dallas. great post.

    if you’re down on cash in city island…..don’t forget about the plethora of friday happy hours.

    the seashore (first restaurant on city island ave on your right) has got all you can eat chicken wings and seafood pasta from about 3 – 5 pm on fridays. most beers are 3 bucks. now THAT’s a date.

  9. Candice says:

    Sammy’s is the sh*T! You are bringing back memories from my Summer internship working in the Bronx. All of my coworkers would pile in a car and we would sneak off for a two hour lunch at City Island, every Friday (payday).

    For all it’s worth, Chocolate Snowflake puts up with YOU. She’s allowed a mood swing every now and then. You men will drive a woman to drink! LOL

  10. Amadeo says:

    Damn…don’t even get me on one of those rants moe, I can do the marathon. I started to think of women like the sun. The make days nice and the nights warm…but if it was always daylight you’d never get good sleep.

  11. Lion XL says:

    That roller coaster emotion shit urks the hell out of me….

    Why is is that I can sit next to her the entire while she kills her brain watching the talk/reality show du jour, and if I space out or fall asleep or read or opt to commit suicide or anything else that doesn’t equate to me staring at her like a stalker/boopsie/whipped MF’er, it’s treated as ‘ we’re not spending time together’? But when I when I want watch something that doesn’t, we either A. fight about it or B. she walks out and watches TV in the other room, and I’m not supposed to even breach the subject.

  12. Eloheem Star says:

    I co-sign on everybody’s shit. (Except Candice she’s the enemy)
    “The ways of a woman shall never be known by man.” – My Grandfather and mentor –
    My lady is leaving for good on Thursday, I don’t know whether to cry or do cartwheels.

  13. miss ahmad says:

    OMG City Island….when my ex and I were still in love and I was fresh off the boat from Hawaii to NYC City Island was our favorite get away. Guidos, seafood, and hand holding…

    you brought back some serious memories here man! thanks!

  14. J™ says:

    “My sneaker collection annoys her so I don’t speak on it with her”

    Sounds like my world, wholeme.

    Good luck on the relationship thing.

  15. Candice says:


    Hey, I gotta represent for the crazier sex. LOL

  16. Combat Jack says:

    after 10 years in the married game with 3 kids and one on the way, the only advice i can give is that dem braods stay crazy. rule of thumb, never, ever, ever, never, ever argue with yer chick, unless you like going to sleep mad late and mad!

    i stll love her though.

  17. Apple Halsey says:

    Funny, though, that gig for Billy Sunday just started and C.S. has been hanging tuff for 2 years before, right? somehow, i don’t think it’s the $$…more like some male pms — must be old man moon in full effect.

    go drink some juice, you’ll be fine.

  18. geneva_jones says:

    Sushi? Fish dinner? You got your woman on your brain six ways to (billy) sunday…

  19. sasha says:

    …..and act like you like it! i’m with CANDICE the whole way.

    i know i wig out sometmes, but i am not above giving my man a warning. “i’m a lil sensy right now ‘full house’ just made me tear up.” he responds in kind with a foot rub or offers to make me a rootbeer float.

    but at the end of the day he’ll never deny the fact that his life (both our lives) is better because of our relationship and how i uplift and encourage him on a daily basis. you LUH that gul, dpenn!

  20. Apple Halsey says:

    ^ “Sushi? Fish dinner? You got your woman on your brain six ways to (billy) sunday…”


  21. Combat Jack says:

    My unmarried boys who came up with me and who are totally unattached are starting to get wierd the fuck out. Unmarried dudes at a certain age are effin wierdos!

  22. sasha says:

    ^ co-sign combat jack

    when i announced my engagement the last few “ladies men” i know holla’d at me in confidence lamenting their single status. they went from that cool ass, pimpin dude…to that dude that can’t get a woman to save his life. poor bastards.

    ladies cold feet are better than empty cold sheets!

  23. Lion XL says:


    I have even went on record to let dudes know, don’t even THINK about inviting me to any late night poker games unless wifey and a hunred females are gonna be present (NO EDDIE MURPHY!). There are TOO many stories of dudes living lies(NO JOHNY GILL!)…..

  24. the_dallas says:

    ^Yeah LION, you don’t want no dude to double down that azz (No Tevin Campbell)

  25. geneva_jones says:

    His next post he’s gonna be complaining that all he wants is some fish tacos.

  26. the_dallas says:

    ^fish tacos and tossed salad are good, but hell’a expensive.

  27. Hmmm.... says:

    From what I can gather, it doesn’t appear that there’s anything stopping you from preparing the fish yourself, instead of paying someone else to put it on a plate with some butter and parsley.

  28. the_dallas says:

    ^Prepare fish tacos and tossed salad myself?!?

    What kind of freak do you think I am?

  29. Hmmm.... says:

    ^^Ummm…you write this site, right??

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