Feeding Us Bread And Circuses…

lion hoopz

This is the part of our show where we take a look at the daily news on the internets. I just paid my cable bill so I am going to make a note to watch some television this week. My expenses to CableVision amount to $150 a month for essentially my broadband connection since I rarely turn on the boob tube and I never pick up my home phone. Fucking CableVision is subsidizing the lackluster Knicks with my paycheck. Bitches.

Who amongst us gives a fuck that White Castle has removed the nutritional information from their stores in NYC? Who the fuck reads the nutritional info in White Castles?!? I could eat a fucking salad from McDonald’s for a month straight and my ass would still gain weight. The blue cheese salad dressing alone has enough calories to fuel a racehorse. Don’t fuck around and put that chicken on your shit and then sprinkle that bacon… Bitch please, the reason I eat at McDonald’s is so that my azz can be dead at forty. I am going to the other side with B.I.G. and ‘Pac. The buffet in hell has all you can eat Maine lobster tails.

Joint Chiefs of Staff General PETER PACE does not care about gays in the military. Actually, he does care enough to call fag soldiers immoral and relate them to adulterers. Sounds like the General is one of those dudes that dreams about his Jesus as a gat-busting redeemer who sends Philistines to hell with the business end of a shotgun. The army has problems with recruiting people no? So if a whole bunch of fearless fags sign up and get blown to bits that means theres less fags right? Shouldn’t the General like that outcome, or is he secretly a fan of all of those makeover reality shows? Two men loving each other is immoral, but killing people wholesale with shells of depleted uranium and white phosphorus… Not so much.

Apparently that gay shit has been what’s up in the military since the Greeks got into it hardbody. The new movie ‘300’ is breaking all sorts of box office records and the critics are flying around like monkeys with a hand full of poop. Iranians, who’s cultural radar stays the on pissed off setting, are upset because of the fictional depictions of Persians. Do any of you remember back in the early 80’s when it was bad to be from Iran or Iraq so all these folks called themselves ‘Persians’? I had a Geometry tutor in juniour high school and she was so beautiful. I dreamed of marrying her because her name was DALIA. She told me she was from Persia. I thought that shit was in Portugal. We lost contact after my school semester ended. That bitch was fine for an arab ho, but I digress…

If you go see the movie ‘300’ and you really ingest the allegory being told then what you will understand is that eventually the invading, occupying force that was led by a king who claimed that he was connected to GOD was defeated by the a smaller army of soldiers with less technological weapons. They used their own bravery and their knowledge of the land on which they were fighting to finally prevail against the invaders. That’s the core lesson inside of ‘300’ and if anyone tells you anything else then they can’t see the forest for the trees. What an idiot might see as a story about Greece and Persia is really the story about how honor triumphs over greed. How the stupidity and lusty ambitions of a leader who isn’t a warrior will eventually lead to his empire’s downfall. Free your mind party people.

How ironic is it that we can look at RICHARD NIXON now and say that he was a more honest and trustworthy president than we have had since? The BUSH Administration runs over our civil liberties like an uncontrollable elephant. A Vice-President that divulged secrets like intelligence operatives would never have been allowed in America’s golden era. Loose lips sink ships was more than propaganda then. It was a way of life that spoke of honor and fidelity to one’s country. When a country’s foreign policy is dictated to them from the boardroom of a multi-global conglomerate like Halliburton you should all know that honor and justice are only ideals now. If you want to see them being worn you’ll have to put them on a t-shirt.

It’s just bread and circuses for us now party people…


13 Responses to “Feeding Us Bread And Circuses…”

  1. I Fux says:

    Yo Primero I am half Kurd/ Half Mexican for what its worth

  2. I Fux says:

    Interesting enough here in Diego I have ran into many Persian/Mexican mix and these chicks are usually on point …….I have banged two in my life and one of them was truly lovely but she had two kids and a fiancee so I smashed and kept it moving…………….True Story I have never seen a whitecastle or tasted whitecastle………I have only seen the movie

  3. I Fux says:

    isnt Kim Kardishian Persian

  4. the_dallas says:

    ^I Fux,

    That shit is a hardbody mix, especially since you rest in a military town.

    You are mixed with the two most hated immigrant groups in America right now.

    Rock on nigga!

  5. Candice says:

    If you want nutritional info….don’t step foot in White Castle. Take your azz to Whole Food.s

    Peter Pace is a moron. Under Bush’s administration, the rednecks feel safe. They can just spout off whatever poisonous rhetoric that runs through their minds without fear. I like the good old days when they hid under sheets.

  6. I Fux says:


    I posted one beautiful pic of Serenas ass I think this picture is brand new or I havent seen it before my boy sent it to me…..click on my name and look

  7. 40 says:

    The only Persia(n) I know is my girl from the White Rapper Show

  8. Eloheem Star says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the main decline in morals in our overall society is caused by TV programming or is television programming a reflection of our society….whatever the case the decline in morals worked in the favor for the capitialists pimps who run this country/world. You right DP, Nixon’s antics are mild in comparison to the Bush/Cheany administration. The dem’s have control of the house and the senate(temporarily) and there is not even talk of impeechment(sp). The hope is that like in the movie 300 that the strong and noble few can battle the greedy and wicked multitude until the calvary arrives. Fight the power!

  9. Combat Jack says:

    Yo! God Of War II is in my hands NOW! I’m officially gone for like a month!

  10. Jaas says:

    I can say as an Iranian that most Iranians cannot stand any blow to their pride whether it be fictional or otherwise. Try telling an Iranian that Persopolis gets owned by the pyramids of Giza and they might kill you. I knew that when I saw the synopsis of 300 that there would be friction with “Persians.”
    I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t judge this very well, but the film could be used as a propaganda tool against modern day Iran to rally the forces of “civility” against an “evil empire.” I should probably see the movie, but I’m quite unmotivated to go see it.

  11. Combat Jack says:

    ^If its a propaganda piece depicting modern day Iran, then it’s not propagating war against an “evil empire”, it’s propagating war against a nation of fags! If I were Iranian, and they had my country looking all fag the fagged out I’d be “unmotivated” to see it too! Too bad though ’cause it was hot!

  12. Persian White says:


  13. omegaSB says:

    watch out for that New World Order

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