OPRAH’s on the D.L.

My brownskin baby momma OPRAH is on the down low. O is attempting to blame the spike in H.I.V. infected African American women on Black men that live a double life “ON THE DOWN LOW“. This is the puported phenomena that is titilating mainstream America by sayng that there is an overabundance of Black men that are homo-sexual and bi-sexual. These brothers have wives, but have sex with men, and still consider themselves straight.

Can I say this…
Black men are closeted somewhat similarly to their white counterparts but there is no abundance in Black homo-sexuality. In fact I will dare say that Black men that are gay are as flamboyant and prideful as any Puerto Rican(the MOST flamboyant and prideful of all gay males). White males have a greater stake to lose if their sexuality deviates from their communities norms. While the Black community will always forgive it’s societal outcasts quicker than the white community will forgive theirs. RONALD REAGAN 2nd has been spotted in a supermarket in Compton ringing up groceries for a living. His trust fund paper forsaken.

Let’s get really real here!
The recent spike in HIV among hetero-sexual African American females has been due to the use of TROJAN brand condoms with all that NONOXYDOL-9 spermicidal crap sprayed on them. White women are using the ORTHO-TRICYCLEN birth control pill and having totally unprotected sex(someone told me). The TRICYCLEN pill also clears up their acne too(so I’ve heard)

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  1. dainty39gm says:

    Does anyone remember the Ricki Lake Show? Most of you guys were probably in middle school back then. Ricki’s the one who blew the top/lid off the DL Syndrome. And black males who were openly gay appeared on her show. While the viewing public could see the gay guy, the DL dude sat behind a curtain which PROTECTED his identity b/c he was married w/ children. Ricki also took a camera crew to an area called The Stroll. It was where black males met up to hook up w/ each other.

    One bold-enough black male who wasn’t camera-shy said, “Ladies. You think your man is out cheatin’ on you with another woman, but he might be out here hookin’ up with me.”

    I don’t believe Oprah or anyone else is blaming the entire HIV/AIDS epidemin on DL dudes. Its more like exposing a secret society who’s actions/behaviors causes deadly consequences on a personal and intimate level. Sex is supposed to be, I thought, an enjoyment. But if a woman’s having sex w/ a dude who knows that he’s bisexual (on the DL), and she has no idea, thats called betrayal and deception. And that equals hatred.

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