My ‘HARLEM CLUB’ aspirations

YAAAAAAAAY! I just got my approval letter from CitiBank for the re-financing of my mortgage!

Before I consolidate my credit card bills I will be taking $5000 and plunking it down on my executive membership to the ‘HARLEM CLUB’. Some of you may have read about this business recently in the New York Times. ‘HARLEM CLUB’ is the brainchild of Mr. Thomas Lopez-Pierre, who although he is married, felt that there were no outlets for professional African American men to network with one another and also enter the dating pool with ‘suitable’ mates. Mr. Lopez-Pierre felt that there wasn’t a sufficient screening process that seperated the truly undesirables. Rap stars, Hollywood glitterati and professional athletes – what Mr. Lopez-Pierre labels the “ghetto-fabulous crowd” – would not be welcome.

Women can join the Harlem Club, too. But only as ‘associate’ members. And they have to be 35 or younger, unmarried, childless, college educated and willing to submit a head-to-toe photograph, to prevent unattractive AND overweight women from making the cut.

And to ensure that there will be a steady stream of fresh young shorties in the club, Mr. Lopez-Pierre plans to rotate 50 percent of the female members, who pay no dues, every three months. The goal, as he said, is to present members with undeniable marriage material.

“When people think of the Harlem Club, I want them to think beautiful, intelligent, highly successful women of color,” said Mr. Lopez-Pierre. I will tell him that he also has to include some Asian shorties too. Yellow, Red and Brown chicks are ‘WOMEN of COLOR’ in my book?!?!

4 Responses to “My ‘HARLEM CLUB’ aspirations”

  1. 911 says:

    *dies*…5 stacks…join a club….your not serious are you…?

  2. Beautiful Educated Black woman says:

    Your pathetic. His club is sexist and bring blacks people back to the years when people couldnt’ join clubs or organiazations if they didnt pass the brown paper bag test. Its disgusting you would invest your money into this club. You have to pay to view women? Thats very sad. There are educated black women all over the world that would die before attending this club. GOOD luck with finding marriage material….im sure all the women here are gold diggers if they join a club for black professionals who pay 5 stacks to view them.

  3. lina says:

    black people only damn brothas always trying to get at other races get out of here with that

  4. Marjorie says:

    A negro man is a pure pitiful thing, If he can just get use to that
    white woman. cut that negro a picture of that womans pucci out
    and allow him tote(not carry) it around with him please…………
    stop the car at the red light and take a look, o.k.

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