It was your typical Friday night under the big lights of NYC. I left the office after 8pm to drive into the city for my homey CED G’s birthday party. CEDRIC is one of the cats from Brooklyn Tech that never shitted on me after I was expelled. As a matter of fact, he made all the other cats on the football squad continue to show me love. Nullus, of course. Why did CED pick out the swankiest lounge in the city to hold his soiree? This spot called 230 Fifth Avenue is the new gem in midtown. During the summertime they kill with their rooftop bar and panaramic views of Manhattan. My only problem is that they sell Belvy’s and tonic for $14. CED has a masters degree in economics, I have a G.E.D. Nexttime I fucks with CED I’m bringing my flask.

C.S. saved me from blowing my light bill up in that piece by texting me and asking me out to the movies. I was down like JAMES BROWN to see this film called the Hip-Hop Project. It was exec-produced by DANA ‘Queen Latifah’ OWENS and BRUCE ‘2 Hard 2 Die’ WILLIS. I think it’s about Hip-Hop as an empowering force for education and societal change. They took that shit out of theatres after one week. Our other options were ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ’28 Weeks Later’. I didn’t think we would fuck with ‘Grindhouse’ because the shit started at midnight and I knew it was a beast at three plus hours long. So C.S. and I said eff it to a movie and we went into Koreatown for some barbecue and dim sum. After a long and relaxing meal on East 32nd Street we saw that we were in time for catching the midnight show. Maybe it was the fried green tea ice cream, but I felt like I had the energy to rock out.


Let me just say this… ‘Grindhouse’ is the most entertaining movie that I have seen this year. Including ‘Spider-Man 3’ and ‘300’ by FRANK MILLER. It’s the reason I used to go to the Duece when I was 12 and 13 years old to peep a kung fu flick. It’s pure cinematic absurdist adventurist escapism. QUENTIN TARANTINO and ROBERT RODRIQUEZ win for the sheer fact that they were paid handsomely to produce what looked like the most fun evar. Actually, RODRIQUEZ had so much fun with the lead actress in his film that his marriage of sixteen years is finito. Even Mexicans can go Hollywood.

The two features ‘Planet Terror’ and ‘Deathproof’ sandwich a bevy of faux B-Movie previews. The directors have the cult aspect of these films down pat and their styles and aesthetics are so razor sharp that you get to see how good a B-movie can be when it is acted and directed with A talent. I promise that you will love every minute. There’s tons of hot ass chicks along with cars, zombies, guns, tits, blood, gore, sex, murder and of course, mayhem. F.Y.I. ROSARIO DAWSON doesn’t get naked though and still ‘Grindhouse’ might end up being this summer’s number one NetFlix choice. But for the price of a ticket nowadays it’s really the best bargain in movie-going without ‘plexing.


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  1. A.C. says:

    good call. Surprisingly, a lot of people I’ve talked to have said they didn’t like this movie. Those people are crazy. The way tarantino flipped the script in Deathproof is priceless.

  2. dubble13 says:

    With the combo of QT and AR as directors, I’m surprised you hadn’t seen this movie earlier. Being from New Zealand, my wife liked the part when they mentioned not to “eff with the new zealanders.”

    It was quite entertaining, and the “Thanksgiving Horror Preview” (shown in the middle of the movie) was bananas!

    Anyway, in totslly unrelated news, I am back up in the house, fresh off the tour in Baghdad! You’ll be hearing a lot more from me….

  3. Combat Jack says:


    ^”It’s the reason I used to go to the Duece when I was 12 and 13 years old to peep a kung fu flick.”

    You mean three kung fu flix.

    What sucks is that Grindhouse tanked at the box office. I hope Rodriguez gets to make “Machete”.

  4. Vik says:

    I think it’s about Hip-Hop as an empowering force for education and societal change. They took that shit out of theatres after one week.

    LOL. funny ish.

    that looks like the movie i need right now: pure cinematic absurdist adventurist escapism

    dude. the flask stays in the back pocket when i make a trip to anywhere NEAR midtown. even a bud’s gonna cost you a six-pack

  5. Dart_Adams says:

    Damn, son! I JUST saw this movie with my brother 3 days ago and all we can talk about is if Eli Roth, Robert Rodriguez and Rob Zombie can get together and nail down a Grindhouse 2 deal. The early reports are that “Machete” and “Don’t” might get their own flicks (Rob Zombie is working on another 2 flicks and Quentin is deciding whether or not to make that WW2 flick he’s been sittin’ on for 3 years or not). I was gonna make this (Planet Terror/Death Proof) the subject of my next Dartflix…I guess great minds think alike, Dallas.

    Ay yo, Netflix “Born To Fight” by Panom Yeerum (Tony Jaa’s) people, Dragon Dynasty’s finally releasing it in the US (I got mine from Hong Kong 2 years ago). One.

  6. omegaSB says:

    i saw this movie high as fuck …..and let me tell u ….it blew my pants off …..i saw it again sober not only 2 days after …still ….blew my fucking pants OFF!!!!

    p.s I think Thanksgiving was a piece of cinematic history ..i mean come on the film stock was sooo fucked up it looked soo authentic ….*bows down to eli and the boys

  7. dronkmunk says:


  8. Peter Divito says:

    i was fucked up off energy drinks when i saw this opening day and it was super dope. it is already gone from all the theatres in pittsburgh and ain’t even at the dollar joints. don’t know how this ish flopped so hard.

  9. Robbie says:

    “Planet Terror” was the shit. “Death Proof” suffered a little from QT’s usual show-off emphisis on the ol’ yakkety yak, but casting my man Kurt Russel as the lead was nothing less than inspired.

    Oh yeah, Aussies >>>> Kiwis.

  10. the_dallas says:

    “Oh yeah, Aussies >>>> Kiwis.”

    LOL. Tell me the difference?

  11. Robbie says:

    They eff sheep in the a, for starters.

    NZ is to Australia what Canada is to the US.

  12. ian says:

    I’ve got this on a boot DVD so maybe i’ll throw it in and chk it out now cos the trailers did look good to me even if it did tank at the box office!

  13. Candice says:

    How is Ced? Haven’t seen him in about 18 years 🙂

    Grindhouse got no love with the critics so I appreciate the real review.

  14. the_dallas says:

    ^ Ced is chillaxing doing his young Black Republican thing.

    I talk about it, he be about it.

    ^^^ Dubble13! Welcome home.

    Your just in time for another round of cRap Music Fantasy League.

  15. dubble13 says:

    Yo Robbie:

    Wifey says that Kiwis rule…NZ is not well-known, but sneaky as ever…
    Watch ya back….hahahah

    Yo DP:

    Thanks. Back on my grizzly…

    Dubble Up Entertainment is ready forthe 07/08! Ya heard?

  16. Eloheem Star says:

    “Absurdist adventurist escapism” Yeah thats my type of flick.
    QT stays getting W in my book cause he says Damn what the peoples say! Im bout the only person at my work placethat dug Kill Bill.

    Dubble13 Glad you made it back Homey!

  17. dubble13 says:



  18. VEe says:

    I saw it yesterday. Tarantino’s penchant for verbiage works well for Dogs and Pulp Fiction but it bombs in DeathProof. I think he forces the dialogue a bit much some times, but that’s just me. Kurt Russell was classic – all the way. The overall pace and the ending sucked. Watching it right after Grindhouse did not help.

    Grindhouse was waaaaay better. Pure Classic. Many audiences could not sit through 3 hours and QT’s flic got less than stellar reception in audiences.

    Machete is a go! The Weinstein brothers greenlit that movie, well at least for now and it will star Danny Trejo.

    Eli Roth’s trailer was crazy.

  19. Vee says:

    – correction:: Planet Terror > DeathProof

  20. Train says:

    “Grindhouse got no love with the critics so I appreciate the real review.”

    What the hell? Grindhouse got a hell of a lot of love from critics, moreso than from audiences.

    But yeah, it was a great movie (2 great movies), and the trailers (besides Rob Zombie’s which was kinda weak besides the Nic Cage cameo) were hilarious as well. Between this, Hot Fuzz, and a couple others, it’s been a pretty good last couple months.

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