CIRCA = The Retro Gear Jumpoff


Imagine being able to go all the way back to 1987 and copp that Polo rugby that you always wanted but you were only seven years old so it wouldn’t have looked right on you. Or that Sergio Tachini sweatsuit, or that MCM leather cap. If retro B-boy flavor is your passion then I have the party for you…


@ GABRIEL URIST’s Worlds Fair
204 Elizabeth Street (between Prince and Spring Streets)
June 2, 2007 – One Day Only – 12pm to 8pm

Don’t sleep playboys. Copp some one of a kind vintage I.T.’s from the 1970’s-1990’s.


5 Responses to “CIRCA = The Retro Gear Jumpoff”

  1. gaberockka says:

    holy crap. maybe I can cop that blue p-zing half zip sweatshirt with the white collar that i left at a house party in Boston last summer…that shit was flamezzz

  2. Dart_Adams says:

    My booster cousins still got some of that vintage shit in their closets from back in the day. They used to house shit back in the days when Orchard Park Projects still existed (home of New Edition). I remember the old Bennetton sweaters, Le Coq Sportif sweatsuits, Van Grack, Coca Cola, Polo and Troop joints! Those were the days, fam!

    Also I posted up a new Grindhouse/movie blog on and shouted you out. One.

  3. Candice says:

    Maybe I can repurchase my old Girbaud shorts for the summer and my pink Bennetton logo shirt? Those were the ISH.

  4. sangano says:

    hopefully they have Ewing’s in there

  5. jdotnicholas says:

    I remember I used to rock Theo Huxtable style, suspenders down ish back in the day, + the shag.

    Man, maybe I should sit down. . .

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