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total recall

I fucks with a bunch of SCHWARZENEGGER movies because them joints is straight fire. ‘Total Recall’ was a blast for me because I dig the future dystopian metropolis settings on Earth and Mars. Flicks like this offer us a real taste of the future where dictator governors will regulate the air we breathe. Not even on another planet though. Right here on Earth oxygen will be the new platinum standard. The other night I was watching the movie again on TBS and something just dawned on me…

What if the whole story was really Quaid’s dream at the recall office. Like, what if his dream was to go crazy and then go to Mars and wild the fuck out? I don’t see why Quaid ever had to be in anything other than a dream state for the whole fucking mindtrip. Although, going back to his scandalous wife, played by a young, hot SHARON STONE would have sucked balls. Like, I’ve never been to Mars, but they made that shit look dope as fuck. It was like Vegas on space crack.

Then I thought about an alien race that might have visited Earth already and then broke out. Since GOD is all powerful I know that humankind isn’t even like the best species on GOD’s resume. I mean, it’s like we need a partner to procreate. That’s not really efficient. There’s prah’lee a species that can multiply itself with a thought. Humankind is prah’lee the beta version for universal species. Yeah, movies like ‘Total Recall’ make me wonder sometimes and I didn’t even have to get altered to enjoy it either.

I’m mailing an unopened VC-arrah tape to anyone who wants it courtesy of DP Dot Com Sponsor AMADEO SOGNI. The four-breasted lady is not included.

total recall

16 Responses to “DP Dot Com Revisits Total Recall…”

  1. nation says:

    yo i’m swagger jacking that pic for every post i’ll make in the next year

  2. Dart_Adams says:

    This movie was easily one of the best adaptations of a short sci fi story into a full length movie. Phillip K. Dick’s “I Can Remember It For You Wholesale” became a blockbuster sci fi flick that didn’t suck giraffe ass (donkey balls are passe) for a change (although the NES game based on it did). I went to the theater to see this flick the day it came out and left like “I gotta write a screenplay one day”. When I was an emcee I had a line that went “Underground shit can’t die, kids/”Kuato lives” is spraypainted walls/competitors is lifeless”. Classic filick. One.

  3. the_dallas says:

    ^ Dart,
    Total Recall was the shizznit but if you want to talk about GOAT sci-fi novel adaptions then you need to reference another Philip K. Dick book. ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ was adapted into the classic flick ‘BladeRunner’. That shit is fire.

  4. Dart_Adams says:


    Yeah, that was the best adaptation of a sci fi novel into “Blade Runner” (a hip hop/literature/film nerd favorite…just ask El-P), but “Totall Recall” was adapted from a short story. I’m still trying to get a copy of the Blade Runner edition with the three different cuts.


  5. Peter Divito says:

    was happy to get total recall in the bargain dvd bin. total classic. the reference in knocked up cracked me the fuck up. dart, the blade runner end all edition is coming out on dvd this year i believe.

  6. That pic is wrong on sooo many levels..lol

  7. dubble13 says:

    If no one has yet requested it as yet, I’ll ask for the Total Recall movie. I actually haven’t seen it since opening day way back in high school.

    True story: I was taking a girl out on a first date to see this movie, and I was really amped about it coming out. She ended up arriving late to the theater (during the first preview!) and had to buy her own ticket, AND find me in the dark theater. We did not have a second date…I wonder why….

  8. enigmatik says:

    Fo’ tatties is usually a good thang, but I prefers ’em on two different chicks. But if a fo’ tattied broad bust ’em out in my face I’d probably motorboat ’em just to say i did that ish.

  9. the_dallas says:

    You get the video on the strength of that Total Recall total recall true story moment. Check your mailbox this week.

  10. I dunno, I know they say the more the merrier, but I think that 4 tatas on one broad would be too much to get over. Seems more like a potential hazzard then a good time to me.

  11. Misha says:

    LMAO @ enigmatic

  12. 911 says:

    One of my favorite movies too…the eye part, I think when the loss air pressure freaked me out for years…airplanes sheeit, I was cracking windows in cars for a minute…rain, hail, sleet and snow.

  13. DJ Flash says:

    Illest scene in that whole movie is when Ahnuld takes the giant prong out and jabs it up his nose straight into his skull to remove the tracking device. CRUNCH!! When he fed it to a rat in a Mars bar and the agents kept screaming “NO HE’S OVER THERE” and shooting at nothing I just laughed and laughed. Second best was when the fat suit malfunctions and he takes the mask off, which prompts it to say “GET READY FOR A BIG SURPRISE” before going KABLOOEY!!!

    Yeah that movie is the bomb. It’s bad sci-fi in a very good way.

  14. Tyciol says:

    Nation used a phrase that I didn’t know existed until watching Jersey Shore in 2011.

  15. Gustave says:

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