When The Feces Touch The Proverbial Air Distribution Devices…


Iraq Should be more like Israel, now that’s success.” – G DUBBZ

The expectations for Iraq have finally bubbled down to a concession that shiite over there will happen everyday. This was said by Middle East experts long before the U.S. invasion. We (the United States) actually destabilized the region by first bombing Afghanistan and pushing Afghan refugees into Iraq, and then by bombing Iraq and removing SADDAM HUSSEIN from control. What you have in the region now are millions of homeless, displaced, refugees that have only anger to supplement their desire to live.

We’ve placed our soldiers in a cauldron of hate and fear as they try to normalize the region by killing off all the people that appear to be against the program. Some of the troops that we’ve sent to the desert are wilting under the intense heat and pressure to survive in that hostile environment. Who can blame them? They are no more criminal than the cowards that ordered them into the desert in the first place.

Where there’s smoke theres usually a burning car bomb, and the latest roadside IED deaths are calculated and compiled by private security firms that are placing mega-million dollar bids to patrol the region as some sort of quasi-military unit that oftentimes have jurisdiction over the actual military servicemen. These defense contractors recognize war as a business enterprise and would probably do their best to make sure that the golden wheels keep spinning.

The biggest loss in the Iraqi clusterfuck was the death of the spirit of CINDY SHEEHAN. She was this country’s greatest patriot for several years and we all willfully allowed her to be stripped naked and stoned. Who could have thought that America would become the western Iran theocracy? GOD bless CASEY SHEEHAN. GOD bless his mom.

11 Responses to “When The Feces Touch The Proverbial Air Distribution Devices…”

  1. rxsalt says:

    I read this blog every day. three times a day do i check to see if there’s a new drop. I’ve never posted before, but i am now because i feel bad for this post. this is a great post.

    dallas, this blog is the shit. keep it up.

  2. the_dallas says:

    ^^ Thanks for the compliments and don’t feel bad. You have a voice. Use it or lose it.

  3. Gee says:

    An even greater insult is that these “defenses for hire” are paid almost 3-4 times higher than the US troops that they are sent to “assist”. The really fuked up agenda is when the soldiers have to risk their lives to save these moneygrubbin carpetbaggers.

  4. jaislayer says:

    Another great post. Keep hittin’ em in the head with the info Dallas. Peace.

  5. Amadeo says:

    And troops don’t even get treated well on the back end of things. Makes me want to burn a flag.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Good drop D..
    Cindy was a good anti war advocate. I wish she hadn’t given up the fight, but I don’t blame her. To my knowledge, the coward (Mr President) never sat down with her to explain why her son was killed. She even went to his neighborhood in Crawford and he wouldn’t even speak with her. He’s a coward. This war has been heartbreaking and I feel so sorry for the families who have lost and will lose in the middle of all this madness.

  7. Candice says:

    I co-sign on the commenters above. Another thought provoking post.

    How many more men and women do we have to lose so that the rich can line their already fat pockets? So sad.

  8. Misha says:

    They should only hire independent contractors who choose to be here and bring our boys home. Theese independent contractors could go to the most hardbody prisons, and offer freedom on the completion of service if they would go there and fight. Since that is what most of those jigs would be doing at home anyway

  9. green eyes says:

    its all about power, its never been about freedom or democracy. thing is, power is tricky and quite volatile– it doesnt always act as youd expect it too.
    Great post.

  10. rasestoow says:

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