Relax… It’s not that serious. The story is this…

COMBAT JACK and I had a disagreement over who would own the sales charts for the opening week when the new KanYe and Curtis albums drop on September 11th. Your boy is rolling with ‘YE TUDDA, and COMBAT JACK chose Fisty (nullus, like you already know). We haven’t decided yet what the winner gets and more is on the line here than just a pair of sneakers.

In order to tip the scales in my favor I thought I’d play some of the ‘YE TUDDA instrumentals to the hits you already know.

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33 Responses to “COMBAT JACK versus DALLAS PENN…”

  1. Eloheem * says:

    I’ll take Kanye for the win. If Ye wins the coveted first week sales battle his ego will be totally unbearable but that may lead to even more humorous commentary on my favorite website.

    With Albums from Common and Kanye doing well the flood gates may open up for other artist with some substance and actual talent.(2 thought) Dem no ready for dat still. **Kisses off teet and closes aff di bumbaclot fone.**

  2. Combat Jack says:

    Just to be clear, I have no question in my mind that Kanye’s album will be 1,000,000x times better than Fif’s. I just think, across the board, that the wasteland that is the American youth will flock to Mr. Jackson’s refried gangsta image’d 3rd lp routine over Kanye’s metrogaysexual image during the first week. Although I’m predicting a tremendous drop in Fif’s 3rd venture, he still has the advantage of selling way more #’s from his first two LP’s. Plus, I still keep seeing mad short Mexican bus boys still rocking “G-Unit” gear in every effin restaurant around the city, and the white Midwestern tourist in mid-town stay rocking that shit too. And Vitamin 50 stays moving units by the truckload on the daily. “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”.

    I’m actually more interested in hearing Ye’s record, even though the boy is suspect, his mixtape stays in rotation in my truck. nhjic.

  3. 1980 says:

    I may be mistaken but didnt Just Blaze produce that 1-900-Hustler track? Either way its still dope….Kanye>>>>>>>50

  4. i Fux says:

    kanye is going to win it but I think its going to be close. Whatever the case 50 has dropped 6 videos before the album that ish is unheard off

  5. Combat Jack says:

    fif is aking a lil desperate.

  6. wax says:

    the deal is is that kanye has gotton to “must have” status on the “hip” music conneuisiers shelf.

    other examples of such artists:
    the killers
    daft punk
    goldie “timeless” jungle LP

    thats why he’s going to sell big time – its beyond hip hop.

  7. wax says:

    and no I didnt spell check for conneusiers ;P

  8. i Fux says:

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    1 hundred

  9. Peter Divito says:

    You guys should put your money where your mouth is and lay down 50 dollar bets on Bodog.

  10. Skeptical says:

    Wax is dead wrong for both Coldplay and for The Killers. Please stop.

  11. 40 says:

    Word to Kenneth McGriff I’m buy 20 copies of Ye’s album and handing it out later that year as gifts like Nino Brown’s turkey’s at The Carter. Especially since Curtis made that remark about “he’d retire if Kanye sold more”. Thats motivation enough for me!

  12. ROAST says:

    Whats the second beat?

  13. sooch says:

    It’s gonna be close. But I have to agree with Combat Jack that, despite a superior album in content, Feisty Scent will win the numbers game. I do think that the long haul will belong to Kanye because of his mass appeal and cross genre type moves he’s been tinkering with musically. “Graduation” will leave a lasting impression, I think. I mean, “Curtis”??? The song with Robin Thicke, the video, dressing up in suits (in two consecutive vids with two lilly white pop stars)?? That Thicke duet sounds a little “Heard Em Say-ish” if you ask me. At one point the Gorilla was putting Ye on blast for being a “safe” artist, then puts out a fuckin Robin Thicke collabo that’s as soft as a twinky fillin’????? ease up on that vitamin water dunny

    Feisty seems a little unnerved about the competition, going so far as to say that Def Jam will be scooping up copies of “Graduation” to help keep up with his numbers…fuckouttahere with that shit man. He’s trying to leave himself an out in case the album gets shit stew numbers. I’d be happy to see Kanye win out on this but 50 gets the edge, the ignorant edge.

  14. 40 says:

    Addendum – Kanye wins because he gets money off of Curtis’ album also. Curtis talked junk on Ye Tudda but still needed him for this album, not vice versa.

  15. sooch says:

    ^I meant that despite Ye having a superior album in content, that “Graduation” will play second fiddle to “Curtis” in 1st week sales.

  16. J™ says:

    In for ye tudda.

  17. Dart_Adams says:

    ‘Ye’s gonna go right to the bank with this. Ha, Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha! How dare G Unit spit on a 4th Disciple beat? A Killarmy joint at that! 50 doesn’t know what to do right now. One.

  18. J™ says:

    “Combat Jack Says:

    August 15th, 2007 at 2:17 pm and the white Midwestern tourist in mid-town stay rocking that shit too”

    Co-Sign to that though.

  19. Tiffany says:

    Hey, I’m a Ye fan and since D’s Tudda commentary, Ye’s been on my mind.

    I’m going with Ye on this one. If I can be a part of never seeing that bunny wabbit Mr. Jackson on the television again or hearing his wack azz ghetto sing a longs, I’ll cop several copies of Ye just to do my part. I’m with CJ on this one.

  20. twerkolator says:

    i bet my homie killa b a dub on kanye west…’ye toodles better fucking come through!!!!

    (maybe kenny chesney will shit on both of them niggas…)

  21. Redd says:

    Can’t tell me nothin is not gold digger. Kanye aint doin late registration numbers. If anything he should thank 50 for makin this situation so much bigger than it was worth. Personally I don’t think either of them have out great singles right now. I’m waiting on wang to ether that can’t tell me nothin beat if he already hasn’t (no limewire connection). Anyways here’s my prediction:

    50: 850,000 first week

    Kanye:350,000 first week

    50: 2-3 mill overall
    Kanye: 900,000- 1 mill overall.

  22. Redd says:

    Cosign ifux
    I copped that gunz up hoodie from karmaloop a few weeks ago. They got shit you can’t find at swapmeets.

  23. the_dallas says:

    Tiffany… CJ is riding with Fifty, but I still feel you (no Clarence Thomas fondling Anita Hill).

  24. Big Homie says:

    Those Kanye instrumentals were dope. Down & Out is freaking bananas.

  25. Skeeter Valentine says:

    neither one of these fellas are goin gold first week.
    kanYe will take it just because fifty is garbage. he’s gone fifty thousand horrible singles out right now and kanYe has 1 1/2 but gettin more response.

  26. Skeeter Valentine says:

    —-fifty has fifty thousand horrible singles out right now and kanYe has 1 /12 but gettin more response.

  27. Young says:

    I bet my left nut fisty is gonna send yayo to cop a shitload of albums on the DL, especially now with his many singles tanking pathetic. And besides he has that Vitamin water disposable income.

    And that’s where we come in.

    People People: Lets all go cop Ye’s Album – and just one wont do – lets do this for the good of hip hop. You know the TI’s will be watching boy, best beleive the stakes are high. Fif getting outsold might just be the catalyst that murks fabricated Hip hop for good. Be a part of history and lets do this.

  28. Combat Jack says:

    ^ Fifty is not the cause for Hip Hop’s current state.

  29. Eloheem * says:

    Dart You heard that Mockery too. I was apalled. DISgusting!

  30. Lion XL says:

    I’ma run with Ye’. Fiddy recently made a whole anti-gay rants against Ye’, and if you know like I know, them rainbow coalition dudes/dudettes are hard body and will shut a fool ass down in hot minute:,8599,1650585,00.html

  31. Tiffany says:

    Oops, my bad.

    “(no Clarence Thomas fondling Anita Hill).”


  32. sasha says:

    man……..i want Ye to take it, but if i know niggas and white kids that like to feel like they know niggas…..fisty’s going to traipse his big toofed ass all the way to the bank.

    that is unless we ALL go out and cop one not the other. teenaged girls may buy both, but i know CURTISSSSSSS is gonna be a surburban back to school must have. effin a. (crosses fingers)

  33. mirlme says:

    I think, it’s true what you say

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