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Have A Baby By Me?

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

baby by me

Fisty Scent – Baby By Me’ featuring Ne-Yo

This is one of my favorite songs right now. The beat is perfect for the nightclubs and whenever the song comes on the women rush to the dancefloor. Ne-Yo on the chorus is of course the murderous element. Despite the fact that this song is a surefire hit I had to dig a little deeper than most would to see how real Fisty Scent kept it on a lyrical level.

Rap is in its core essence lyrical braggadocio. The artist establishes their dominance by exclaiming feats that are unique to only them. In this song Fisty Scent not only decrees his sexual prowess but the idea that if he is allowed to impregnate the listener they will become a millionaire. From the outset I’m sure those rhymes are super attractive to the female fans of Fisty Scent, especially in this shrinking U.S. economy, but what are the real-life ramifications of winning this lyrical lottery?

Hands down, Fisty Scent is one of the shrewdest artists in the music business. He has created an empire for himself while still wearing his du-rag into business meetings. Even Ghey-Z had to ‘change clothes’ to increase his wealth. Fisty Scent has leveraged his thug persona to cross over to marketing that has no connection to street life. Vitamin Water? That was a coup that no other rapper or Hip-Hop impresario had considered. Everyone else was chasing liquor branding oppurtunites and silly clothing line endeavors.

So don’t think that Fisty Scent is going to issue this million dollars in lump sum format. I can imagine that Fisty will issue the money in 18 annual payments of $55,556, or to better amortize his investment $4,629.63 in monthly installments until the million is finally excised. That doesn’t exactly amount to anything fabulous for the mother of the Fisty Scent seed now does it? Especially after the taxes for these monies have been calculated and paid. That isn’t even considering all the costs associated with child rearing.

baby by me

Healthcare costs for both mother and child have been skyrocketing when compared to the Consumer Price Index measure. Healthcare will be the single greatest expenditure (aside from education) when you consider bringing up a thug’s baby. Surgery from bullet and stab wounds can be very costly. Also note that the contract becomes voided if the child dies prior to their 18th birthday (R.I.P. Derrion Albert).

After education and healthcare requirements we still have to consider childcare because the mother of this kid is still going to need to put in hours at the stripclub in order to supplement her income if she wants to clothe and feed the seed.

baby by me

So by having a baby with Fisty Scent what you are really agreeing to is a legal and moral debt obligation. Fisty Scent’s arrangement barely covers half the costs associated with raising his child. At this rate you might could do better for yourself having a child with me.

At least my union benefits cover dental costs.

baby by me

Legends Of The Fall…

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


A$AP Roky has an Iditarod Superboot collab about to pop off with Timberland. It looks like they are using a blonded nubuck leather. I just hope they are giving the upper the same elephant skin pebbled texture as the classic 40 Belows.

Yes, I’m riding for A$AP Rocky to win.


Grown Man Rap FTW…

Friday, August 31st, 2012

sean legend

Internets, do you see all the rap related drops I have posted on the page the past few days?!? And the MOST anticipated album of 2012 has yet to come into my earholes.


Here’s a Grown Man Rap leak from Sean P to tide y’all thirstbuckets over.

Get Ready For Combat…

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Prodigy the H.N.I.C. stops by the podcast to kick it with us about his real life and the struggles he’s been thru in the rap game. Dude is candid and honest and answers everything we ask him. EVERYTHING. Prodigy isn’t afraid to admit his fails and that is what makes him a giant in Hip-Hop

Internets, you are welcome.

DOOM – ‘Retarded Fren’

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011


DOOM x Thom Yorke x Jonny Greenwood = FYAHVERKX!!!

Shouts to anyone who has a handicap friend, or an amputee friend, or a freaky friend, or a retarded friend…

DOOM x Radiohead – ‘Retarded Fren’