A little over a year ago CASIMIR, RAFI and I put together a film based on the food choices that people from the “poorest urban county in America” make on the daily. We started filming this movie in the South Bronx neighborhood called Hunts Point. When I tell you about a residential neighborhood that is fucked the fuck up… There isn’t a supermarket chain or even a commercial bank in the area. There is a detention center in the ‘hood though, the infamous Spofford Youth Center.

Folks here in Hunts point are on the way down and not up, and the services that the community receives reflect as much. This is how the city views this community socially, politically and economically. This isn’t how we saw the neighborhood though and when you put aside the humor that we placed into the Bodega video you should see the point of equal access. The people of the South Bronx and ALL of New York City must have access to healthy and nutritional foods. In this city of millions of people where billions of dollars are generated on the regulack there must be some equity for our most marginalized residents. Only then will NYC be the greatest city on Earth.


‘Bodega’ will be featured this weekend at the Black Maria Film Festival starting on Friday night. Come out and politic with the i.C.’s as we kick off the BMFF’s 2008 season.






15 Responses to “BO-DEY-GAHHHH!”

  1. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    fuck paying 35 cents for quarter water. I am happy as a faggot in boys town right now. Julieanne (RUDY RUDEBOY GHOULIANNE) and his ghey, grimy, godless, souless, racist monkey ass just quit running for president. Fuck him, his momma and all the slags that supported him. Ernie

  2. P-Matik says:

    I was told by one of my boys that used to live in the Bx that most of the food delivered to grocery stores makes its way through Hunts Point at some point in time. Ironic. Yeah and eff Jewel Annie.

  3. Blackwater says:

    them shits like 50 cent ’round the way. Needless to say I stopped fuckin’ wit’ ’em. And thanks for the Sister SF D.

  4. omegaSB says:

    mmmm quarter water.

  5. evan says:

    Ern : Calling someone a racist and using faggot to do so turns your words into meaningless shit.

  6. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    where I grew up in brooklyn the word faggot had nothing to do with sexual preference it meant punk not gay. To me RG is a punk/bitch/faggot and I’m sure he is not gay, but a bitch ass punk that needs 5 bodyguards all the time. Again I’m in my 60’s and words and their meanings shift over time. Ernie

  7. Amadeo says:

    A faggot was originally a bundle of stick that were used for burning…again appropriate re: Ghouliani

  8. evan says:

    Ern : Point taken and different eras for us diff’rent folks. I just didn’t want to read the paper and hear that you got caught in a drive by man purse beating round Chelsea.

  9. Cheryl Lynn says:

    I do not see the all-important Goya Malta in your pyramid.

  10. Marvelous Mo says:

    word up, hoe’s point is a shit hole. I used to be in that area when I had to catch the Bx19 bus and it was fucking creepy. Most of the Bx creeps me out… All of the east side of 125th creeps me out as well.

    my pop gets the wholesale size boxes of snacks and him and my mom go in on them. then pops go to the dollar store around the way and buys 4984759847547 bottles of [dark] soda.

    that pyramid makes me barf. shit is gross. how can people eat those snacks and drink quater waters.

    now that i think about it, i can throw down on a bag a pork grinds…

  11. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    ouch, a purse beating drive by.ouch………….Evan I did not even hear the word faggot used as a gay metaphor until the 70’s and then it was used by the disco queens as a term of endearment………..go figga…………Do we agree that Julieanus is a fa double g o to the t?
    Fuck, I wish I had a suitable scatological word to describe that walking fungus, that sub human maggot, that open pus laden sore, that devil incarnate that festering mumbling, fetid anus. Ernie

  12. B says:

    I work in east tremont and that bitch looks like beverly hills compared to hunts. Unfortunately, it looks like a shit sangich compared to most other places. And the irony about Hunts being a huge distro point for farm fresh veggies and goods, most people don’t notice because most people stay the fuck away.

  13. […] is why he created his special “bodega food pyramid”: “Without the snack cakes, without the potato chips, and the quarter waters, no, you’re not a […]

  14. […] is why he created his special “bodega food pyramid”: “Without the snack cakes, without the potato chips, and the quarter waters, no, you’re not a […]

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