Taking One For The Team[ll]…


There’s one thing that all coaches and managers of professional sports teams share in common. The fact that they will be earning less than the players they have to direct. Understandably so as well, I don’t go to MSG to watch ISAIAH THOMAS. Even if ISAIAH was wearing a Knicks jersey I wouldn’t go to the Garden to see his old ass get pwned by dudes like CHRIS PAUL or TONY PARKER. It’s all about the players on the court and the amount of effort they exude towards winning that I pay for.

So why is it that people pay good money to bring their children to sporting events in order to boo the coach? ISAIAH THOMAS needs to upgrade his rabbi. All the fans of the television show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ have been selling their ‘Fire Isaiah’ placards in front of MSG. What’s ISAIAH’s offense in these people’s minds? It’s more like a lack of offense from the team he coaches, and more importantly, a lack of defense. I still don’t see the Knicks quitting on their coach which is the biggest reason you fire someone from that position. And when the Knicks brass has canned ISAIAH who do we hire? JOEY from Straight Bangin’?!? Hell nahh! The internets needs him to help us sort out our 1990’s greatest rap album angst.

Now you don’t see folks in Philadelphia shelling out money for their kids to heckle the Eagles head coach. Lord knows how much the folks in Philly love to get irate too. You’ve seen the crime stats right? This is the same Philadelphia that booed the draft selection of DONOVAN McNABB. It turns out that McNABB has been the best quarterback in an Eagles uniform since SONNY JURGENSEN, or was it NORM VAN BROCKLIN. Nevermind who it was, since motherfuckers were wearing leather helmets back then anyhoo.

I suppose some people think that the Eagles head coach ANDY REID deserves a pass this season since two of his sons are in the clink. That’s crazy talk. Whatever his sons did to get put in jail I’m sure they deserved it. Rich white kids don’t go to jail unless they are extremely out of pocket. Hell, the KENNEDY’s are known to kill a bitch or two and they have never smelled the inside of a jail cell, so whatever ANDY REID’s ill seeds were convicted for you can rest assured that they have done at least ten times worse that amount.

Eagle’s fans are quick to spit their venom at their quarterback or TERRELL OWENS when their season hits the skids, but they never come after REID who has a record now of failing to capture the big game. You can’t have it both ways. It’s either the players’ responsibility to “get ‘er done”, or it’s the fault of the entire kit and caboodle when the shit goes sour. If ANDY REID isn’t fired for losing the control and motivation of his football team, he should be fired for enabling his kids to be social shitbags.

Tons of states have been adopting laws that punish derelict parents for the transgressions committed by their children. If there was ever a parent that needed to get a real life timeout I think ANDY REID should be the posterchild. No more videotape reviews after game day. No more heartfelt team meetings proclaiming DONOVBAN McNABB as the starting QB. Nothing but a ‘Ho Sit Down’ for you ANDY REID. Your fucking rich family is singlehandedly raising crime statistics in Philadelphia. They are taking the dishonest work away from the marginalized, disenfranchised residents of Philly.

“Andy Reid should kill himself. Like now.

Bring back Buddy Ryan.”

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  1. hottnikz says:

    Amen, well put. His kids were bragging about how they were well know in North Philly and how they leave their plush home on the mian line to sell the people in the badlands drugs. I’ve been a resident of Philly all my life and I love my city even though it going to hell in a handbasket. So I have no love for the Reids and wish Andy would call it quits (although I must say he coached a great game the other night against New England) and tend to his home. Or do like tank says and kill himself.

  2. Ike says:

    and in other NFL news, RIP Sean Taylor

  3. Word RIP Sean Taylor top 5 safety in the game.

    Once you think you made it out they suck you back in(c) Godfather.

    Im Sorry to Break it to you niggas but the crabs in the buckets are true(c) Krondon – Deep Hearted the album

    Yo didnt Andy Reids sons slang that Contin?


    ^^ I got a new post up DP, please support DP commentaters. 1 hundred

  4. Candice says:

    If a man can’t keep both of his kids out of jail……how is he expected to coach a successful franchise?

  5. Candice says:

    REID to MCNABB: You’re not executing. Listen to me….

    MCNABB: How’re you trying to tell me shyt? Both of your kids are in jail?

    LOCKER ROOM: **crickets**

  6. Big Homie says:

    If a man can’t keep both of his kids out of jail……how is he expected to coach a successful franchise?

    ^ I bet coaches are more concerned on their players going to jail then their own kids.

    RIP Sean Taylor. Definitely a lost here in DC and the NFL.

  7. 40 says:

    LOL @ Candice. It reminds me of my old HS principal who was busted for crack a few years back on some Marion Barry sh*t. It was funny how people tried to rally for him to get his job back. How you gonna teach and guide the babies when you catching a Karrine Steffans on the glass tool? I guess the same goes for Andy Reid and his wild bunch.

  8. Chris says:

    True his kids are some crazy rich white buls, but A. Reid is a good coach as is evidenced by the Eagles winning the NFC East almost every year for the past 5-7 years. It’s not his fault, nor is it Donovan’s, that the Eagles organization won’t spend any money getting and/or maintaining high caliber players. Reid is a great coach and McNabb is without a doubt the best quarterback in franchise history, but if management won’t go out and get the best players a la the Patriots and the Cowboys of the world, its going will be tough to win with the likes of grocery store clerks such as Greg Lewis and co..

    Being an NFL coach is an extra hard job. Those dudes are on the grind 80 + hours a week and with that said its hard to balance such demands with your other duties as a human being. He deserves no free pass and may need to take a timeout, but I think his children’s situation is a unfortunate byproduct of the career he chose a la the suicide of Tony Dungy’s son.

    NBA coaches don’t even do anything, except for Popavich, Jerry Sloan and Phil Jackson when Kobe slows his roll and plays a team game. I haven’t seen Isaiah Thomas say a damn word on the sideline this entire season. That dude is the NBA Art Shell/ Wade Phillips.

  9. the_dallas says:

    ^ Chris,
    You say that Reid is a good coach, except he needs players… Hasn’t Isaiah won when he had talent to coach?

    What’s the diff between these two, except for the fact that Reid’s kids sell smack?

    Wade Phillips has a talented team thet he has inherited that suits his lowkey coaching style. When a coach isn’t flailing his arms all around it doesn’t mean he isn’t effective. I’ve seen Isaiah jap his own teammates so I know he can get hardbody if he needs to.

  10. Johnny Mack says:

    “Andy Reid should kill himself. Like now.’

  11. B says:

    here’s a difference, isiah loses everywhere he goes. I was in indiana when he coached the pacers and now i’m back up in NY when he is killing the knicks. He can draft talent all day but putting product on the court, the shit just isn’t happening. Why try and twist the racial angle between him and reid? I booed larry brown’s ass when he was bed shitting and i’m going to boo isiah all the same. Plus, isiah the GM needs to go easy on getting so many effin shooting guards on this team, along with enough heavies to make the knick bench look like fat camp. Jerome james, get the fuck out of here with that shit. Dude should be on weight watchers, not the injured reserve. I’m dead serious about my knicks and, while theproblem is much bigger than isiah (read: james dolan’s fat ass), isiah is part of the problem. His skin color has nothing to do with it. They should finally let Herb Williams get a crack at the main gig, he had to suffer through enough shit.

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  12. the_dallas says:

    ^B, what racial shit are you talking about?

    How the hell do you propose the Knicks get better at coach by replacing Isaiah with Herb Williams? GTFOH. Herb Ritts would be a better head coach.

    Don’t blame Isaiah because James ended up being a head case. Everybody was on his shit in Seattle and when he came to NY he let that free agent money go to his head[||].

    I wont talk crazy and say that Thomas has been a great GM but who else in the league has done as much with as little?

  13. Keepaniggadown says:

    The BUlls

  14. Chris says:

    I am not impressed by Isaiah’s coaching and gm’ing accomplishments. He inherited a Finals-caliber team in Indiana and once he was able to partake in gm’ing/coaching responsibilities in New York, he and his yes man James D drove that team into a deep whole via a bevy of terrible via trades and free agent acquisitions. I love Isaiah as a Hall of Fame, hard as nails player and was hoping he’d be able to bring basketball savvy and grit to the sideline and front office, but it is just not working out. I mean y’all copped Jared Jeffries for like 30 mil and I haven’t seen the dude even play since signing that contract and invested so many bills in a dude like Eddy Curry who can only muster a 6 rebound per game average. Dude has had the free reign to build his team but he has not came through.

    I hear your comparison with Isaiah and A.Reid, but you really can’t compare football to basketball, they are completely different games with completely different circumstances dictating their operation.

    With Reid and Dungy, I was just trying to say that things can slip through the cracks sometimes when you are on your grind. It doesn’t mean he should be excused, in which case I agree with your point.

    You’re right about Wade Phillips, dude is just chillin’. I just haven’t seen him say a word this entire year. And I don’t think coaches should flail their arms either, that shit is corny and ineffective (re: Herm Edwards aka Denzel Washington of the NFL coaching game)

  15. B says:

    that herb ritts shit had me all cracked up. good work right there.

    james was garbage from jump street. he had a great post season and it got gm’s heads swimming. not the first time, not the last. same shit happened with mets & beltran but at least he’s got ability. With zeke (& dolan is complicit and thus guilty) he’s stocked up on high priced bullshit. you ask who else has done so much with so little, but the little the knicks have is zeke’s doing. he’s been the gm for 4 years, that’s enough time to tell the bullshit to hit the bricks and trade/sign some real players. Like my man above said, jared jeffries for 30M? I went to IU and even as a proud hoosier I wouldn’t be fucking with dude for half that. Big money moves are the anchor that drowned this team. I haven’t even gotten into the effed chemistry of the team and starbury. The Knicks used to be a proud franchise and while kicking zeke to the curb won’t bring that back it’s a step in the right direction. Look at the raptors, there shit was a joke for a hot minute and now they’re consistent playoff material. You just get a real GM (no Billy King) to straighten shit out.

    As far as football coaches, does family drug use explain why the Jets are playing like they got strung out on diesel?

  16. Candice says:

    As a parent, I just want to say that a kid suffering from depression and ultimately ending his life (when he lives in another state away from his parents) is not the same as rich spoiled kids drug dealing under your own roof, with both parents living in the house.

    As far as Reid’s coaching abilities, yes, the Eagles have won the NFC East title but how much of that can be accredited to his coaching skills vs the fact that the NFC east offered up little to no opposition. Reid’s coaching (not letting McNabb scramble out of the pocket, conservative play, poor clock management) also cost them a Superbowl victory in a year that they were unquestionably the team to beat.

  17. Chris says:

    You’re right about the Dungy comparison which I used in the wrong context. My apologies. But as for A. Reid, he’s brought a level of solidarity that not many coaches can provide despite the fact he’s never won the ‘chip. Every week he’s able to bring forth a gameplay that will at the least make the Eagles competitive, regardless of the circumstances (see: NE game). As for the playcalling, he’s very innovative and not nearly as conservative as you say he is. Hell, I wish he’d be more conservative and run the ball then coming out with 5 wide receivers on 1st and 2nd down. The only thing you can really fault him on is how much he loves passing the rock instead of handing it off to one of the best backs in the league in Bryan Westbrook. Also, it was more Donovan’s own decision to become a pocket passer than it was Andy Reid’s. All of McNabb’s plays on the run were due to his own decision to make the play, not because of any predetermined scramble demanded by the play call. And correct if I’m wrong but the Patriots were favored by 3 in that Super Bowl game.

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