ERNIE PANICCIOLI’s 2007 Hip-Hop Awards…

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Editor’s note: DP Dot Com resident Hip-Hop historian gets the early jump on the awards season action.

Hip Hop Movie of The Year Award

  • The Other Side of Hip Hop
  • 2007 Best Documentary in The Big Apple Film Festival. TOSHH features, Afrika Bambaataa, Chuck D, MC Lyte, Crazy Legs, Henry Chalfant (Subway Art) and Charlie Ahearn (Wild Style) and is a life affirming reminder that art, politics, photography and Hip Hop can save lives and help change the world.

    Rap Song of The Year Award

    the wu

    ‘The Heart Gently Weeps’ By Raekwon, Ghostface, Method Man, Erykah Badu and The RZA. Only The Wu could embrace a George Harrison classic, turn it Black and bring it to this century and make it a tale of guns, warfare and survival.

    Hip Hop Book of The Year Award


  • Born In The Bronx
  • Joe Conzo’s Hip-Hop photo bible, with foreword by Afrika Bambaataa. Using actual party flyers by Buddy Esquire, this book takes you back to the raw, real, scary and original O.G. moments in the history of Hip-Hop.

    Graffiti Legends Award

  • Tats Cru
  • Hip Hop Artist of The Year Award

  • Nas
  • For scaring the shit out of his record label and all the self righteous, hand wringing hypocrites and lames who went into shock when they heard his next album will be titled “NIGGER”

    Hip Hop Website Award

  • Rap Music Current Events And News Award

  • The Emcee You Need To Know Award

  • Immortal Technique
  • Money Makes You Blind to the Plight of Your People Award


    We have two winners for which cash rules everything around them: Jay-Z and Denzel Washington. Denzel who won the Best Actor Academy Award and thanked us by e-mailing in a sleepwalking, blunted, dazed and confused performance in ‘American Gangster’ and Jay-Z, who was embraced by the corporate world and rose to head the once mighty Def Jam Records regresses and instead of even making a pretense of being a role model to millions of at risk youth instead runs like a whore to an easy sell and quick money with his latest “pretend drug dealer” album also titled ‘American Gangster’. We have the right to expect more from these two men, they know better, but like they say in the streets, “A pimp will sell his own ass even when his whore won’t sell hers.”

    The Blind Leading The Blind Award
    This award has to be shared by many who have worked so long and so hard to win top billing in this category…

  • BET-Just when you thought they had reached rock bottom, they sink lower
  • Vibe-Just look at the size of it, down from a healthy 200 pages to 45 pages and 40 of them are ads.
  • Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson-Two speed talking shit talkers who decided there was a buck to be made by finishing every paragraph with phrases cribbed from crappy rap songs.
  • Put A Quarter In Yo’ Ass Because You Played Yourself Hip Hop Award

    hustler al

    The unanimous winner Al Sharpton who went after Don Imus, an old, drug addled mush mouth, and caused him to get fired from a 5 million dollar radio gig and then rehired for 20 million cash while making “Nappy Headed Hoes” the most Google’d comment in internets history.

    Keeping the ‘Ho’ In Hip-Hop Award


    By keeping her mouth shot and keeping a pole between her legs Beyonce is making sure we will have a generation of prostitutes to fill the streets for years to come.

    Human Water Bug Award


    For the extreme effort exerted by both and for the total disregard of all other Black Women so that they can get their twisted shine. These two bone ugly, mindless, heartless and soulless skanks share equal billing New York (from Vh-1’s reality show) and Condoleeza Rice.

    Lifetime Wigger Award


    From Mickey Mouse dancing to banging Britney Spears to his cowardly cop out of the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” with Janet Jackson. It boggles the mind that no one has nominated him for this award before. Justin Timberlake gets a slice of bronzed white bread to put on his mantle piece.

    es dubbz SHORTY WHITEBREAD says…
    “Fuck that wigger!

    He gets nathan.”

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    48 Responses to “ERNIE PANICCIOLI’s 2007 Hip-Hop Awards…”

    1. Combat Jack says:

      COT DAYUM Ernie. You fucking went in HARD dude. [||]. So effin glad I’m on your good side!

    2. 40 says:

      Now that is an award show!!!

      Props Ernie. All I can do is read/listen when you post/speak.

    3. Nigeria says:

      I don’t know what this guy expects from Denzel Washington.

      He’s an actor, actors aren’t supposed to be role models, they play dress up.

      I’m rereading it and I don’t think it’s explained how he’s ‘blind to the plight’ of certain people. Or maybe I’m not concentrating.

    4. evan says:

      Let’s put this ceremony on tv and roll Vibe Awards/Source Awards/Grammys right off the schedule. The first award where the winners are too scared to show up and collect!

    5. Maxine says:

      Nigeria. Check out Denzel’s interview in the January edition of Oprah Magazine (yeah I read it, don’t judge me). He talks all about how blessed he is to portray some of the “most important people in Black American history” and goes on to mention, Malcom X, the Hurricane, and whoever the fuck he’s playing in The Great Debators. He never even sniffs at whoever the fuck he played in American Gangster. Even he knows it’s bullshit. Denzel. Eh.

    6. Ernest Paniccioli says:

      Nigeria, Yes he is an actor. He is also whether he likes it or not a Black Man. His choice of roles and who he chooses to portray or glorify MAY affect the lives, minds, hearts and spirits of a generation of Black Youth who are starving for role models, leadership and most of all guidance.
      I will conclude by saying four damming words to drive my point home:
      Halle Berry monster’s Ball.

    7. Dart_Adams says:

      I gotta get that Joe Conzo book…hopefully I will for Christmas.


    8. omegaSB says:

      thats more like it

    9. Lion XL says:

      why is it that we can’t expect actors/cRappers to be role models when we expext athletes to be? Kinda ironic when actors skills fall under the umbrella of COMMUNICATION, and athletes don’t. Why not communicate some positive informative shit?

      I. like most of us, find gangster movies and such entertaining. But stop dropping them in the category of important FOR BLACK FOLK, they are not. Id rather see some real WHITE gangster flicks like G-DUBB or HALIBURTON ( bigger than the mafia and way more gangster!).

    10. !!!!


      Oh, YESSSS.
      My conspiracy theorist other half keeps a copy of Revolutionary Vol. 2 in my car at all times.

      One day when I actually have money again, I wanna see him live. He’s just so MEAN.


    11. Ernest Paniccioli says:

      Immortal came to my film screening, along with Dallas and Zulu Nation and a whole lot of folks who wanted to show me love and see what the film was all about. He is the real deal. Immortal must be supported, embraced and respected. With all of these half men, and skeezers cluttering the Rap airwaves we would be well served to show a real hero real love. Ernie

    12. Ernest Paniccioli says:

      Dallas, We need more drops by Shorty Whitebread !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Boys and girls today’s drop is brought to you by the letter “B”

      Can you say BOZACK boys and girls?

      Baseball gets the BOZACK
      GDubbs gets the BOZACK
      CEO’s trying to brag about pushing drugs get the BOZACK
      Vote or Die gets the BOZACK
      Hillary gets the BOZACK
      CondomLizard gets the BOZACK
      I LOVE NY gets the BOZACK
      Crunk gets the BOZACK
      Wu Tang does not get the BOZACK
      Ghostface does not get the BOZACK
      Jaz Z gets the BOZACK
      Beyonce would get the Bozack if her man did not live with a Quarterback
      Guiliani is the Bozack
      Iraq gets the Bozack
      The whole Middle East gets the Bozack
      KRS1 does not get the BOZACK
      Chuck D does not get the BOZACK
      Flavor Flav smokes the Bozack
      Donald Rumsfield and his boogie man Osama both get a big fat BOZACK
      Dick Cheney would get the BOZACk if he were not the devil incarnate
      Afrika Bambaataa does not get the BOZACK
      Kool Herc gets the BOZACK for trying to shake down old school photographers.
      Mos Def does not get the BOZACK for his rapping.
      Mos Def does get the BOZACK for 16 Blocks
      Russell $immon$ gets the BOZACK
      Rev Run $immon$ gets the BOZACK
      Jay Z gets the BOZACK for frontin.
      Nas does not get the BOZACK
      Kool Moe Diddle gets the BOZACK but can’t see it with those played out shades all over his fat greasy face.
      R Kelly gets the BOZACK for crimes against children and for buying the criminal justice system.
      Dallas Penn does not get the BOZACK
      If The Source is still in business it gets the BOZACK
      Vibe would get the BOZACk, but it would probably dress it up in Sean Jean and a blond weave and not know it had gotten the Bozack and all of those flamers up there would be happy to get the BOZACK

    13. He gives a shit about the Palestinian cause and that’s what caught my eye about him at first – I respect him a lot for that fact alone.

      Not to mention he actually spits rhymes that you can learn something useful from.

      I actually buy his albums. And not even on some itunes tip…I go to stores and BUY THE CD. Wow, what a concept lol.

      It’d be so fucking cool to meet him and just hit a hookah and talk politics. If Tech is out there reading this…get at me. I can make a mean pot of lemongrass tea. Come chill. I got stories for him.

    14. Good drop PANNICIOLI

      I’m not suprised that PANNICIOLI is down with Immortal Technique. Both dudes are world-class etherers, word to Chino XL. Most of their targets are deserving of an ethering beat-down. It’s still funny to read for the few targets they ether that don’t deserve it.

      Also don’t sleep on Immortal Technique’s WC named Akir, who is actually a better rapper than IT. IT may be the first WO rapper in history to sign a WC with better skills than himselves, so IT is innovative in that respect also.

    15. Ernest Paniccioli says:

      Who does not or did not deserve the BOZACK I slipped them?
      To paraphrase Brect “He who laughs has not yet heard the terrible news” If there is someone who you think I gave the BOZACK to in error you may not know the up close and personal or the half.

      Immortal is even more valuable now because he is so very rare. A man with a brain, heart, conscious, love for oppressed people and actual skills.
      PS The moniker is P A N I C C I O L I (why does The Dallas keep phucking it up?) and in my language it means bread of heaven or heavenly bread and even Dallas does not know my Native, sacred, natural name.

    16. Cenk Uyger of The Young Turks is another ether-ific cat. Check Cenk’s Schiavoing of the weak Democratic congressional leaders

    17. Sangano says:

      if black/white/asian/latino kids are stupid enough to pattern themselves after a Denzel Washington role then its already outta his hands… someone else WILL play the role in the theaters and IN the streets.

      its waaaay too easy to label Denzel as a scapegoat for the degradation of today’s youth. how about you teach a kid to fukin read, or convince their parents to give em hugs not drugs and quit yer yappin?

      I am mad as hell tho at Denzel’s 3000th bland performance

    18. the_dallas says:

      Ernie, I should respect your consonants like I respect your consonance. I finally removed the extra ‘L’ I was giving your name and took away a ‘C’.

      On the next drop that I mention you I will make sure to heist an ‘N’.

    19. Akir is definitely a rapper I fuck with.

      Legacy? Seriously, a pretty dope album. It was better than I expected it to be, actually.

      Better yet, I think he spent a good amount of time here in the DC area so props to him on that too. DC is actually coming up on the rap scene. It’s about damn time. Wale, anybody?

      Props to Tech though. Lots, and lots, and lots of props.

      “Embedded correspondents don’t tell the source of the tension
      And they refuse to even mention, European intervention
      Or the massacres in Jenin, the innocent screams
      U.S. manufactured missiles, and M-16’s
      Weapon contracts and corrupted American dreams
      Media censorship, blocking out the video screens
      A continent of oil kingdoms, bought for a bargain
      Democracy is just a word, when the people are starvin’
      The average citizen, made to be, blind to the reason
      A desert full of genocide, where the bodies are freezin’
      And the world doesn’t believe that you fightin’ for freedom
      Cause you fucked the Middle East, and gave birth to a demon
      It’s open season with the CIA, bugging my crib
      Trapped in a ghetto region like a Palestinian kid
      Where nobody gives a fuck whether you die or you live”

      4th Branch is that song.

    20. the_dallas says:

      I hate typing a comment from my crackberry but I gotta go in to let you know what it is.

      You being latino doesn’t help you to comprehend the pervasive nature of supremacy. If you needed to be white for some shit you could get that off.

      The issue with Denzel isn’t about scapegoating him for a movie character. Children will grow up to be Frank Lucas without this movie ever being made.

      The point at the end of the day is what did you stand for? Being a coward is easy. The system is built to protect cowards and people that simply shrug their shoulders.

      Denzel was used to legitimize a fairytale that never has a happy ending.

      At the end of the day he threw his legacy of work on the floor just like a bitchmade whore.

      I still haven’t seen the film, but I still remember what it was like to stand on the corner and deal death to my community. I still remember the look on my dad’s face when he picked my ass up from the precinct. Straight up heartbreak.

      I was still a fuck up even with a solid gold role model. These kids with less than that are fucked the fuck up for life. Denzel didnt start supremacy. He just co-signed it.

    21. LL says:

      shit..great..if this is 07, cant wait to see the debauchery in 08

    22. Sangano says:

      D, i resent the, “You being latino doesn’t help you to comprehend the pervasive nature of supremacy.” News Flash – I never claimed to to be an expert on it! Thankfully it hasn’t been part of my reality aside from a few misdirected encounters w/ black people who’ve talked sideways about latino’s (no joke) or have had issues w/ some of the beautiful young black ladies I’ve dated.

      But my take, I’d be wayyyy more upset (if i was going to be at all) with the Jiggro’s, Lil Gremlins, Fabuli and Yung Jizzlers of the world – THEY are direct conduits into the minds of youth – not ‘Zel and THEY are spitting straight poision! Why do they keep getting passes? Shit arrange a boycott or something! My bad – i guess their beats are just too gully to ignore.

      Moreover even during his most prolific period under the watchful eye of another black man i.e. Spike Lee Denzel played a womanizing, aimless jazz muscian who just wanted to get his rocks off. Where was the outrage??? That’s a hell of an image to perpetuate.

      Personally i find a lot of these discussions self serving, contrite and patronizing. Actions speak louder than words so while a lot of you guys are feeling reallllly good about yourselves writing self-righteous “WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA” posts on your laptops, I gaurantee your still listening and mouthing the lyrics to some of the most degrading and self-hating messages ever created by self styled street-pharmacists.

      Get off your high horses.

    23. p-city says:

      D –

      Great post.

      You are truly growing as a cultural critic. The Old D would given Beyonce the “Perfect Chick” award. The New D points out that she is a stripper role model.

      The Jay-Z award was on point. I’ll cut Denzel a little slack, though.

    24. Grand Master says:

      ^ co-sign

      and off the topic but… am i the only one who looks at that beyonce picture and all i think of is “ay when did ashanti get a weave?”

    25. Nigeria says:

      I don’t understand this obsession with everyone with a profile suddenly becoming a role model.

      It seems rather disconcerting, bordering on vulgar.

      Since when has an actor or sportsman or ??? ever been a role model?


      We’re not children, and those with children should raise their offspring so they can see the difference between importance and banality.

      When Shakespeare was writing, acting was considered a ‘low’ occupation.

      This is banal.

      I saw American Gangster and I thought it was banal. Not because it was about drugs, but rather it was dull distraction.

      The Washington subject is systematic of what is wrong with people: there are too many easy distractions.

      It’s easier to use an actor or sportsman or ??? to be a scapegoat/consequence for a section of societies problems.

      Why should we care if Washington portrays a drug dealer? Are we drug dealers?

      If the media demonises certain parts of society, based on crude stereotypes, so be it.

      In London the press demonises everyone, but everyone ignores the press.

      The media have no power if you don’t allow it to. Or maybe it does.

      Opinions are becoming vulgar and banal.

      When I was young I got my role models from video games so maybe I don’t understand what the problem is.

    26. I hesitate to post the following comment since

      1 I know is Ghostface Stan Central Station (GSCS) & all (I see you Thoureally, Fux Etheraldinho, Combat Jack, etc)

      2 I have much respect for the community elder Paniccioli

      however, here it goes.

      This post references 2 rappers that talk extensively about selling narcotics. 1 is villified as a bad role model (Jay-Z), the other 1 is propped as a great rapper (Ghostface). Is this somewhat hypocritical?

      Personally, I enjoy a few specific “Mafioso” rap albums, if the rapping is really excellent, such as Jay-Z 1996 Reasonable Doubt, or BIG 1994 Ready To Die.

      I can acknowledge the perspective as valid of those who swear off all Mafioso rap, as well as those who enjoy Mafioso rap.

      But I can’t understand the shitting on 1 while propping the other. Jay-Z may be a “more important role model” than Ghostface due to his music industry executive career. However, if Jay-Z is a role model, so is Ghostface, as his stans applaud & respect him as “1 of the last real NYC rappers out” or some such.


    27. Ernest Paniccioli says:

      Time for some Ether. Lil Jeezy and all those (II) cross hitting (yes many of them are Bi or straight up (II), sorry girls it’s the truth do not get a pass and yes they do spit poison into the minds of our children. Now for a primal lesson on teenagers. We talk, they ignore, they are walking around with IPODS full of self hating, confused poison 24/7 and their minds and attitudes are reinforced by their peers, twas ever thus, but now with 600 channels of video input and 5000 songs and videos of rat shit, bat shit feeding into their brain stems our jobs as teachers, role models, inspirations are 5000 times harder. And along comes two sexy, strong Black men they idolize and what do both of these bitches do, get on their knees and suck the cock of Supremacist Corporate America and both swallow a hot load of “American Gangster” and then spit that cum into the hearts and minds of a starving Black American youth.
      As far as “Personally i find a lot of these discussions self serving, contrite and patronizing. Actions speak louder than words so while a lot of you guys are feeling reallllly good about yourselves writing self-righteous “WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA” posts on your laptops, I gaurantee your still listening and mouthing the lyrics to some of the most degrading and self-hating messages ever created by self styled street-pharmacists.Get off your high horses. ”
      My history is available both in my book “Who Shot Ya?” and my movie “The Other Side of Hip Hop” and in the minds and hearts of those who know me, love me and fear me so I have nothing to prove Mr Sangano (which I think is a Spanish slang for dummy or sucker or something like that). This is not about us and whether or not we like Denzel or if we are good parents it about our youth, a fucked up education, legal, medical system and how each of us has to fight constantly for even a little bit of justice, fairness, hope or equality as men and women of color and yes we have the need, right and duty to put these millionaire rappers, actors, singers, politicians,bitches in check for what we believe are acts against our children and the best interests of our communities. Ernie

    28. Ernest Paniccioli says:

      El Gringo, Good point about Jay and Ghost. It is not a matter of Stan or Fan. It’s about perception. Ghost is viewed as a rapper nothing more, a part of a hard core project dwelling collective. Most if not all of his raps are told as tales and boasts and brags and are doubly dosed with humor.
      Jay Z has notably escaped the clutches of poverty and the ghetto nightmare his tales are all (almost all) told or perceived as his live, his bio, his reality.
      He has stepped deep enough into American Culture to at least try to make a difference and to take the high road. I am almost embarrassed to have to point out the glaring differences as I thought you all were deeper and these things were crystal clear. Jay has his lips firmly around the fetid shaft of the main T.I. that put him in the drivers seat and only removes it long enough to let his T.I. handler piss. For the record T.I.’s also run Hollywood where Denzel has to kiss the ring in order to continue to work.
      Love is love, truth is truth and the T.I.’s will not tolerate a restless, angry, self governing House Nigger. Both Jay and Denzel know how to say yassum boss in a loud clear voice. Ghost and his crew are basically unmanageable, weeded, crazy ass street niggers who I have hung out with many a late night and would cut out the heart of the T.I. if asked to kiss their wretched peckers. Ernie

    29. the_dallas says:

      Good reply Ernie, I’m surprised that Gringo could be that obtuse, but then again I think a lot of my frustrations with crappers is because some claim that their rhymes are a direct reflection of their lives. How don’t you absorb the qualitative differences of imagery and intent from these two crappers?

      Nigeria, what the fuck does William Shakespeare have to do with any entertainment industry that generates trillions of dollars worldwide. You get a pass since your from London and the educaion system over there sucks, but here in the height of civilization we have a sporting event that generates billions of dollars in what amounts to be six hours of enertainment. Corporations spent tons of money for 30 second commercials that target man, woman and child equally and emotionally.

      Media in this country is designed to maintain the wealth of the rich. In many instances this could mean the incarceration and further disenfranchisement of the poor. Crime pays. It pays the wealthy politicians, lawyers, judges, and the prison industrial complex.

      Ask Shakespeare about that.

    30. Mugen Spiegel says:

      Could not agree with the Denzel Washington.

      Not all roles he will play will be good heartfelt, good job for black people roles.
      At some point he may have to play a bad, drugdealing crooked cop person. He’s an actor. I’m sure he saw a good role. I mean if he were to always play a genuine Malcolm X esque character all the time either dude would have no money or nobody would be watching his movies. It’s good for him to get into different characters. You can’t always play the good guy. It doesn’t make the black community look good but I’m sure he wasn’t thinking that at the time. I mean, if going by that, black people should always be in great true story roles to where the blacks succeed in whatever they are doing or whatever the case may be. That’ll get real old real quick. If whites, latinos, asians, and any other race can do it, why not Denzel? Why can’t he be a bad guy?

    31. 911 says:

      …I’m apparently late…shit. Salute.

    32. the_dallas says:

      ^ Mugen,
      Are you a meatball?

      Do you comprehend the differences between the character from Training Day and the role in American Gangster? Do I have to spell it out to you? Obviously I do. The role Denzel played in American Gangster is supposed to be the real life documentation of a man’s story. This is how media creates the image of a drugdealer who is savvy, calculating and oddly compassionate. They did this shit in the Godfather as well.

      Since you aren’t Black you have no comprehension of the war on the Black community. Those that exist on the frontlines of this struggle can speak firsthand of the damage created by images that describe expectations that cannot be matched.

      Don’t take it personal but your fanhood with shit like rap music that lets you niggas go on a ghetto safari tour from the safety of your iPod headphones does not help you understand the Black experience.

    33. Ernest Paniccioli says:

      Are you a meatball?
      Classic Ether bar none.

      Ernie-aka Etherologist,
      Aka Divine mathematics,
      Aka C-4 to your door,
      AKA Panty Dropper,
      AKA CuminurI,
      AKA Sacred Revelation,
      Aka Divine Supreme Manifest,
      AkA Gifted Rhymes Universal,
      AKA Word Is Born,
      AKA Manic Depressive,
      Aka Rap Zookeeper,
      AKA Bubble popper,
      AKA Mystical Magical Tour Guide,
      AKA Creation’s Finest Living Example,
      AKA Charlie Creampie,
      AKA While Your Husband’s At Work,
      AKA King Asiatic none Equal,
      AKA Dr. Bozack,
      AKA Dr. Gynecology,
      AKA Stinky Finger,
      AKA Sloppy Seconds,
      AKA Sacred Ruins,
      AKA Museum Counterfeiter,
      AKA Historical Record,
      AKA Conspiracy Theorist,
      AKA Counter Insurgency reverser,
      AKA Medical First,
      AKA Johnny Truth,
      AKA Simple Things matter,
      AKA Breaking Atoms aka Brother Ernie Mental Gymnastics

    34. Ernest Paniccioli says:

      Here is the verbiage of an ad in the NY Times for
      Jay Z “American Gangster”
      “Separate from the official motion picture soundtrack, this collection of all-new original material is a musical journey and lyrical interpretation of snapshots from the upcoming motion picture American Gangster.”

      Shorty whitebread’s mom Janice will read this a mutter “Wow, Chad will like this and it sounds slightly rough without being too gritty. He is sure to be pleased with my choice in music”
      A couple of questions:
      Didn’t they stop calling films motion pictures back in the 40’s?
      What album are they describing? Who wrote that drippy shit?
      When did Director Ridley Scott go from making Excalibur and classic shit like Blade Runner to horse droppings like American Gangster ?
      Ernie Paniccioli-winner Best Documentary 2007 Big Apple Film Festival, author of Hip Hop Classic “Who Shot Ya? and noted Etherologist.

    35. e-loheem*com says:

      Wow! You Kats was really getting it in. Mos Def made work more tolerable.

    36. (nimisiskrash) says:

      yo big E good shit you all ways give real talk. tell d.ashman his lil homey kev said what up.and im good i will get up whit o.t. right now .keep tell the real.fuck all them sceard ass bitchs.

    37. Sangano says:

      Codependent co-signing’s lame and so is bigging up your own “ether”. So far this post has described, justified AND bashed drug slanging and who-bangin’ all at once and in everyway possible from lame to fantastical to just plain ol’ keeping it real – and all in the name of tommorow’s youth. While there is an “E” here it’s definetley NOT for Ether – i’ll give you one and that’s for Effort – effort for attempting to make sense of the jumbled mess that’s reflective of today’s hip hop culture – there is no reality only IMAGES and they range from pop to elitist, encompassing everything from what’s shown on MTV and BET to Che (and yes I.T.) t-shirt and EVERYONE picks a side, or at least fronts for a side.

    38. Nigeria says:


      I don’t think anymore needs to be said.

      Ernie, you wrote in good faith but the execution was flawed.

    39. Ernest Paniccioli says:

      I’m coming back from a three day stomach virus, high fever and chills. Was writing here to keep my mind off of my stomach and diziness.
      However other than the humor these drops reflect my anger, disgust and rage at these millionaire rappers, actors and fake ass so called activists who take from the community and give nothing back, not even a glimmer of hope or shred of decency.
      We need to be more selective, sublime, aware and put these fake asses on notice that it is past time to give back.
      When you spend a day in an inner city emergency room and wait seven hours to be treated for a stab wound or a high fever or spend a day in court and see dozens of kids shipped off to jail for 3-10 years on bullshit charges and their futures ruined due to lack of legal representation it is hard not to feel raw flames of anger. Why do I even bother to write on the internet, because it is another means of communication.
      One that is not cock blocked by Ruppert Murdoch. FOX News, Vibe, Clear Channel, Viacom and the other banal, empty corporate classist, racist, bullshit, news outlets. Ernie

    40. the_dallas says:

      Sorry playboy, but the only armchair laptop critics here are you and Nigeria. If someone wants to discuss my views on art, culture and society with me all they have to do is contact me by my name. Show some respect to a veteran like Ernie. It requires an amount of courage to put your name on your opinion. That fact alone should sit you and Nigeria the fuck down.

      If in the process of people discussing their relationships to art, culture and society your heroes like Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and BeYonce get their wings trimmed I suggest you put an ‘H’ on your back and handle it.

    41. man, where on earth do you find these Beyonce spread eagle shots?

    42. Great post… I wouldn’t post on here if it wasn’t.

      Bey tearing that poll up!!!
      This post could use some more sneaker shots in it, I mean all these people do wear something on their feet.

    43. Mugen Spiegel says:

      I am black…unless it’s possible to switch races….

    44. the_dallas says:

      ^ Oh… Then you should prah’lee disregard my previous comments to you.

    45. Big Rils says:


      I moved down to the DC area a couple months ago and I’m trying to figure out what’s up with the hip-hop scene down here. I got Wale’s mixtape and it’s pretty tight. I can also get down with Panacea and if you’re down with IT’s stance on the Palestinian cause, I’m sure you’d fuck with Head-Roc ( Anything else I’m missing?

      Immortal and Akir are both nice, unfortunately, I’ve seen IT twice live and he wasn’t feeling the crowd so he just mailed it in. Anyway, it’s been about two years since i’ve heard some new shit from him, when’s it coming?

    46. If you’re down with the Palestinian cause, theres a guy named Iron Sheik that calls D.C. home – politically conscious, very pro-Palestinian emcee.

      Tabi Bonney (of “pocket” fame) is also of course a fairly well known DC artist, and he’s supposed to drop a new album I think Q1 of 2008.

      When it comes to D.C….rap is still on the come up. The region’s claim to fame (although most everyone not from around here and half the people that are from the area hate it anyway) is gogo. A seriously acquired taste, but it’s what makes the district’s music scene unique. If you’re interested you can find my e-mail over at DX – hit me up and I can point you towards more useful shit.

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