Feliz Three Kings Day!

king tee

FELIZ DIA DE TRES REGALOS!!! (Happy three kings day – in Mexican)

These dudes weren’t just kings, but they were also very wise. Because they let everyone else bust their ass to buy the all the Christmas crap from the K-MART in Kush and the BED, BATH and BEYOND in Babylonia and they just laid back in the cut. Bullshit is that it took them two weeks to get to Nazareth! Do you know what kind of mileage a hybrid humpback camel gets on on a gallon of agua?!? These players lamped for two weeks so they could come up on the end of season sales from the PEG PEREGO/MACLAREN dealership in Jerusalem and the 50 percent off sale at the BABIES’R’US in Lebanon.

Did you ever wonder why we kill a tree to celebrate a birth?
A Portland, Oregon tree hugging company came up with a great idea for my money. Christmas tree rental. And after you have finished humiliating the tree with your pagan ornaments the company will pick up the tree and donate it to a school or park where it can live a natural tree life which prah’lee means getting pissed on by dogs and humans alike.

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