DP Dot Com Is Killing Shit! Literally…


Yes, the Joker merc’ked himself after listening to the DP Dot Com Dark Knight Mixtape. Those of you that have received this compilation that haven’t slit their wrists already should consider yourselves hardbody Dark Knight fans. Shit is that serious. Take a dip into the wormhole abyss. Join the DP Dot Com snail mail list.

HEATH LEDGER was bitchmade and he couldn’t handle the truth.

Can you?!?

17 Responses to “DP Dot Com Is Killing Shit! Literally…”

  1. Meka Soul says:

    the dkr mixtape: the ONLY cd in my car.

  2. Mugen Spiegel says:

    too much for em..

  3. That mix got me through traffic at Tysons Corner the Friday before Christmas. The ass massage that I got from “LA, LA” while I was stuck in the road (aka parking lot extension) near the bus stops was heavenly. I’m sure somebody saw the look of sheer bliss on my face.

  4. the_dallas says:

    Tysons Corner is the spot

  5. Blackwater says:

    I want in… A concept album get pushed on DP.com I want in.

  6. Aunt Jackie says:

    that dark knight kills it every single time. i can’t take it out of rotation and no matter how many times i hear gil scott heron on that joint it’s never enuff

    dark knight is a killer! rip heath ledger!

  7. Dart_Adams says:

    I’ve yet to attempt taking my own life and I’ve listened to the Dark Knight Mixtape several times over. It’s a goddamn shame that dude was only 28 years old and decided jump off the world stage like that.

    R.I.P. Heath Ledger


  8. Amadeo says:

    I been hearing that dude was so into the Joker he said he couldn’t sleep and his mind was racing. Two Ambiens only put him out for an hour. Is it cruddy if I say I hope that means the movie is good?

  9. Combat Jack says:

    Joker is a pretty dark character. Kinda hard to make that transition from Brokeback to gully.

  10. russ the bus says:

    i said a couple months ago that “i couldnt be more excited about this movie.” i was wrong. i am now waaay more excited

  11. Candice says:

    RIP to Heath.

    Playing the Joker, the Dark Knight mixtape and living in Brooklyn…no wonder he couldn’t fall asleep. So sad.

  12. dameSTAtus says:

    Pops was over trying to figure out how to work/update his myspace page (as a artist/producer), and he heard Voodoo child and about lost his damn mind. I tried to flip it on him like “Pops, check it out, he threw some Doors on here too!”, but pops was like “Man put that Hendrix BACK ON!”. High comedy man.

    Got a nice little goldenrod note too from USPS telling me to slide through the PO for some goodness. I’ll either go in late friday to get it (they open at 9, dang near CP time @ the PO), or I’ll get it Saturday. Really looking forward to picking that up. Gratzi.

    Love the condensed Harper’s Magazine post too. Ninjas hate knowledge.

  13. Mugen Spiegel says:

    Kinda hard to make that transition from Brokeback to gully.


    LOL. Obviously. The joker changes people. He was no Jack Nicholson…

  14. ELOHEEM*7 says:

    Yeah family the Dark Knight compilation is the truth. Good looking for real.

  15. p-city says:

    where is my CD, maaannnn??????

  16. nimisiskrash says:

    yo thats my shit!!! tru stroy whin i got mine in the mail my lady said to me y do you have someone from “the pen”sending you a cd? lol classic. i said baby it’s a decept thing and she said(roll’s eye’s’)never mind.peace d and thanks hail meg!!!!!

  17. Momo says:

    I need to be on the snail mail list. Dallaspenn is the future, and i love new music. 🙂

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