“I Get Wild Like LARRY DAVIS”


Editor’s note: Today is a sad day indeed. I just got an e-mail this morning that one of my heroes was killed in prison yesterday. LARRY DAVIS was a poor Bronx teenager who sold drugs for the NYPD until he decided to quit, with their money. The police came to execute him and his family but he somehow escaped and started a nationwide manhunt for his capture. Peep this remixed drop with his DVD story.

Rest in peace to this ghetto hero who actually survived for a minute after bucking his gat and yelling “Fuck The Police!”

I know that I’ve sworn off using YouTube videos in my drops, but let’s face it, they’re a beast with force that you can’t deny. Kind’a like your mans-n-them ESKAY from Nah’Right.

Nah’Rizzle dropped a link the other day to this series of YouTube’s documenting the story of NYC cult hero LARRY DAVIS. Most people aren’t built to withstand the heat that comes from the entire NYPD trying to kill you while the supremacist media simultaneously castigates you. LARRY managed to do that. He lost his ability to walk in the process, but he never lost his will to live.

Peep dude’s true story…

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  1. Robin says:

    It was reported that Larry Davis have placed an profile on an online dating site called BikerSter.com. he upload a video to introduce himself there.

  2. 40 says:


    I was gonna mention this but then you steered me back with reminding me of the 43rd Anniversary of Malcolm’s death so I kinda stepped to the right.

    When I heard of Larry Davis’ demise this morning I got suspicious. I own the documentary you linked up there and there is talk in the end of them gaining ground on his case and possible release. I’m wondering what kinda beef jumped off that leads one man to shank a crippled guy in a wheelchair to death. I mean even in the “twisted” ethics of the joint I gotta think that icing a paraplegic can’t be high on the “respect scale”.

    Who knows. Damn shame. Also peep D-Nice’s blog, he has a little write up about his encounter with Larry Davis as a kid…

  3. T.Reynolds says:

    I wonder whether Masta Ace got inspiration for that track “Jack B. Nimble” from Larry Davis’ story, especially cause this cat evaded a large scale manhunt for record time… although I’m sure it was a pretty common story through the 80’s and early 90’s.

  4. Maxine says:

    oooooooooh ^^^^^^^^ nice connection.

  5. nimisiskrash says:

    yea d ….what can i say you said it all. r.i.p ld

  6. Alpo says:

    By Rahiem Shabazz

    Larry Davis was one of the most herald figures in hip-hop; it started in the late 80’s with now-deceased rapper MC Hood- on the ‘Scenario (Remix) with Tribe Called Quest. …Lay down ya wages/I’m wild like Larry Davis,” and followed year after year. Even Brooklyn native Buckshot spit Larry’s name on the now classic song, “Why We Act This Way” – Act like you don’t know/ who was there when Larry Davis blast po po… Buckshot that rapper nigga pants low/boxer show/ not a style for ya block to know/ Gangstarr followed suit on JFK 2 LAX, where he spoke about the ill natured hatred towards the police, “Five-0 makes me wanna flip, Larry Davis style/Got a nigga depressed, while he’s awaiting trial”/ The founder of ‘The Stop the Violence Movement, KRS-1 even did a tribute song to him called “30 Cops or More”: But when them come to arrest a black man, they need 30 cops or more.. well now When they arrest a black man, they need 30 cops or more… well now hey.

    It was widely known that G-Unit’s front man 50 Cent wanted to play Larry in his forthcoming movie. Even the Queens rapper felt the necessity to invoke Davis name in one of his raps. “You want the trigger man, y’all was the ones that pull it /that’s why we represent them niggaz like Larry Davis before he let you cowards kill him, he just came and sprayed it /Now what you wan’ do”- Don’t Need No Help

    On the groundbreaking Still Wanted Dead or Alive song Kool G. Rap pens his most sneering lyrics… Cause I’m spit on your ass like Larry Davis … I made another cop spin Now Uncle Sam really wants me … Then I’m off with the drugs and ends … Jay-Z’s lyrics on Best of Both Worlds places Larry as a martyr and embraces him as a hero in the struggle as worthy of admiration as Martin and Malcolm. “A combination of Pappy Mason and Larry Davis, Martin and Malcolm/ This is bigger than the album”
    Rappers Nas, Jay-Z, Jada Kiss, Busta rhymes, Lauren Hill, Kool G Rap, L.L. Ice-T, Chuck D and others recognized Davis in their lyrics. But, the biggest support came from Star & Buc Wild when they were at Hot 97 FM and the Kay Slay (The Drama King) as well as Kiss FM’s Kool D.J. Red Alert.

    A day after Larry surrendered to the police; Ice-T got the entire crowd at Prospect Theatre (Bronx, N.Y) to chant Free Lar-ry Davis!!! Free Lar-ry Davis. He then told the crowds he had his bail money before he dropped the mic and exited the stage. The crowd went berserk.
    There is no denying the love of the hip-hop community in regards to Davis courageous act against the murderous police. We whole-heartedly believed in his innocence. He was our avenging angel for every black youth who felt the thunderous blows from a cop’s billy club, while lying unconscious in the back seat of their patrol car.

    ‘The Streets Made Him A Man, Courage Made Him A Hero & History Made Him A Legend”
    Shams Dabaron (Right Hand Man of Larry Davis)

  7. bad bad man says:

    Good article…but why post links to the bootleg pieces of the street dvd?

    i should tear your ass out the frame….and grab my dick(whoa)

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