And Biggie Just Died Again…

lil wang

Rap music is gheyer than a bag of penises. Go get a late pass.

The above pic copped from BOSSIP.COM is for the condom promotion that Lil’ Wang is doing. Just when I think he has found the lowest level of jailhouse homoerotica he can pose for he finds a lower level. I won’t ever say that there is something wrong with being ghey, but the level of gheyness in rap music is now even more over the top as the phony gangsterism.

Lil’ Wang has become so ghey that he makes KANYE WEST and JOHN LEGEND appear hyper-hetero. At the end of the day I suppose it is a good thing that Wang uses condoms. Since the GARY BUSEY type dude with the wack hairpiece and the aviator shades looks like he is about to give it to Wang without any leather so soft tenderness. By the time he’s finished all that shit on the hood of the car is going to be inside Lil’ Wang’s poopchute.

Maybe instead of calling these condoms ‘Strapped’ they should be calling these joints ‘Pause’.


20 Responses to “And Biggie Just Died Again…”

  1. Peter Divito says:

    homosexuality and rap do not mix. why is everyone trying to make homo-rap like it is rum and coke?

  2. wax says:

    I remember a while back on the Shade 45 Lord Sear and Rude Jude show, they had this segment where they’d have dudes send in their demo and people would judge it. One time, they put this gay MC’s joint on, the entire song was this thugged out ode to dick. If there’s gonna be gay rap, at least have it be honest than hidden and shit. lol

  3. jonnycakes. says:

    Oh gosh, won’t black people stop humiliating themselves. And it’s a white guy.

    As usual, the white man finds himself on top.

  4. infa.mous says:

    Game over,man.
    Game over.

  5. N.O. in my viens says:

    i hate random hate or when people are brought down even when they are tryna do something positive…but this does look toooo gay

  6. Dj RaYz says:

    This is soooooo homo!!

  7. Amadeo says:

    Riley Freeman says, “Rap nigga you gay.”

  8. Enigmatik says:

    Instead of calling these condoms ‘Strapped’ they need to call these joints ‘Pause’. [ll].


    Baby’s baby loses (wins?) again. What up, Dallas?

  9. Lemonade Was A Popular Drink And It Still Is says:

    This either has to be:

    A) Conspiracy created to turn Hip Hop to Homo Hop (refer to Alex Jones)
    B) Bad Marketing (One of those Larry David ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Moments)
    C) A Cry For Help (The ABC After School Special Side of Cash Money)
    D) All The Above

  10. dutch smashwell says:

    from the look on lil’ wang’s face the un-tenderness has already started (II)

  11. Maxine says:

    I guess I’m just confused by the whole thing. I keep looking at it and I’m just confused. Who thought this was a good idea?

    @ Lemonade, the answer is probably all of the above but I like C-the best.

  12. Looks like Hunter S. Thompson “doing the homie”…literally. Word to Gangstalicious.

    Rap music finds its Rob Halford.

  13. prynsex says:

    Is he making Lil Wang “guide it in” without the Kentucky Jelly?

  14. Candice says:

    And the tag line…”Go Down Strapped” ain’t helping….

  15. Norman Beats says:

    Is that a van in the background??


    Been to Atlanta lately..?

    The homo Thug sh*t is mos def En Vogue.

    The new new thang is get you a tranny that can pass…I shit you not. Most dudes in the music game in ATL be spending mad time and money club hopping and chasing tranny tail up and down the streets.

    And don’t let it be a light skin or White one…You have a money maker fo’ sho!

    Stay out the 5 point area if shicks with sticks ain’t ya’ thang homeboys!

    Shit is pathetic Yo!

  17. Damn. This is that WTF BS for real. I admit I peeped this immediately when I first saw it at Bossip, but I stayed quiet, hoping the shit would go away and somebody at Cash Money would be fired.

    This one can’t be defended. Wrong on all levels.

  18. MR PR says:

    HA!!! bwoy wayne really need to leave the penis shit to his private (pun intended). That pic looks gross…

  19. J. ROC says:


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