Supreme Swagger Jackers…

bakshi print


The Supreme clothing company lifts only one image from the greatest movie of all time and they don’t even feature a joint with Brother Rabbit? Instead they choose a scene where the brother is all caught up in the bosom of Miss America about to get played out. Brother Rabbit wasn’t having it with that bitch. He knew she was full of tricks, and so was he.

Niggas go in hard for Supreme like them niggas actually know something street. Meanwhile Supreme’s so-called designers are the biggest swagger jacking flavorless motherfuckers on the planet. Their connections to actual, real ‘street’ culture are fraudulent because they paid for their access. Supreme didn’t come up on their shit from some true love for the culture. They bought a bootleg ‘Urban Culture’ pass and use it to cash in for even more by selling their shit to other kids who also need some flavor in their lives and have the ends to pay for it.

On the real, don’t support that clownery.

If anyone has ever seen the movie ‘Streetfight’ then you already know that these niggas from Supreme ain’t representing the real. That t-shirt up there is like using Flavor Flav’s image to represent for Public Enemy instead of Chuck D.

Shit’s disgusting B!

I say shut ’em down, and I’m not talking about Shut skating equipment either.

bro rabbit

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20 Responses to “Supreme Swagger Jackers…”

  1. Dart_Adams says:

    I’d personally like to know the thinking behind picking THAT particular moment in the film to “immortalize” out of the endless sea of possibilities. You ain’t neve lied, Dallas.


  2. Combat Jack says:

    You ain’t never lie brah. Love that fight talk!

  3. 40 says:

    Wow… Dallas I was gonna write something hella similar as a response in the last drop and you nailed in a drop…

  4. Grand Master says:

    co-sign 40… first thought when i saw streetfight imagery was ‘yo where the talk on Supreme at’.

    it’s all good though, my China peoples done been bootlegging it. if the enemy of your enemy is your friend, then is the swagger jacker of a swagger jacker an originator? hmm.

    on the real you know they just used the image because she got some bigass breasticles and streetwear kids are hitting that puberty age hard [||]

  5. Vee says:

    I just couldn’t see myself wearing the shirt. The image is compelling but I think when you take the image out of context, away from its original content, you’re not really saying anything.

  6. twerkolator says:

    i stopped fucking with supreme around 95-96 anyway…

    dp: can you burn ya boy a copy of streetfight? i’ve never seen it (and my netflix account is on hold right now – it’s hard out chea, you heard?)

  7. nimisiskrash says:

    yea d some catz swear by that bullshit!!!! peep the e-mail i sent cha!

  8. N.O. in my veins says:

    what is this shirt supposed to express?…and what do you think an average joe in the street thinks this means?…fuck supreme

  9. Amadeo says:

    Sigh….The maddness…will it ever end?

  10. Eli Porter says:

    I’m da bess mayne

  11. 40 says:

    If I may go in…

    Supreme (the brand and not the street icon) in the last few years has been an expensive swagger jacker. They take ‘hood style” put their twist on it, and sell it for 10X the price to buttwet kiddies who would love to dress “hood” but knows they’d get called B-Rad in a heartbeat. So the good folks here, “couture” up hood shit and make it co-opted hipster bullshit. Not that Supreme hasn’t knocked out some bangers back in the day, but I’ve always felt they tapped into the Negroe obsession that most of their consumers have that are asthmatic non-Negro/Latino hip-hop kids that wanna blend in with the urban environment. Which when looking at this shirt it rankled me in the same way. Probably because there always seems a lack of context and understanding between the images/inspirations they use and the average Supreme consumer. I found it amusing how cats stopped rocking pinwheel fitteds but when Supreme dropped one 2 years after the fact it was the $100 “wait on line for it” hat.

    But for the same reason I have to give them credit because you can put that oblong logo on a steaming pile of sloth dung and people will buy it. I got my greatest satisfaction rocking a shirt of Supreme while jacking the logo and adding “FREE” over it. These skinny jean dunk wearing kids almost shit themselves…

  12. wow. I never fucked with Supreme but thats because I dont like paying ridiculous prices for hyped up shit. I will pay a high price if Im feeling something heavy, but not because of hype. BTW can I get more story from this, was Supreme the name of a Graf artist? DP people I will be posting Swag, Temerity & Chutzpah shirts on Ebay in 2weeks for a twenty spot. Black T with gold lettering with my own original slogan. DP Ima get you on GP though. Give me a few weeks holmes. What about Darkwing Duck? Dude was gully,trill and the real deal

  13. elan says:

    this is one of the only times i would disagree with you. I just spent the last two days researching the history of supreme and let me tell you that they are not ripping people off ( however there is of course the gucci and lv stuff they did in the early 2000’s late 90s). The brand actually formed a downtown scene in the mid 90’s and brought people in fashion, skate together. James Jeebia, the guy who created supreme, is fascinated with art, as a progressive force and as something that embodies a street ethos or street ethic. Bakashi, worked with Supreme on the shirts, and yes its hyped up, but at the end of the day its consumable art. I can’t afford to buy Originals of the artists work that supreme works with. Bakhasi, is rebellious in his form and broke away from a lot of the artists of his time. Its only hyped because of the internet. Major Major Major important street artists such as Futura 2000 have worked with supreme on stuff. So i dont hate, I appreciate. Second of all, in a generation of consumption, its nice to buy something supreme did with Bakashi or Barbara Kruger. I can’t afford an original painting, or lithograph etc of one of these artists so i can go to supreme and buy a shirt that they did.

  14. elan says:

    how is it a swagger jacker!!! this generation is built upon the internet, we created the internet, the internet, that we created is the swagger jacker. I could argue that rappers are swagger jackers for sampling!!! but i would never do that!! hip-hop is the love of my life.

  15. elan says:

    no man supreme just chose the name, completely wrong again!! go read up about the brand. Futura 2000 designed the logo, one of the most famous graf artists ever. Well, i guess you guys would hate mos def than because he loves supreme!!!!!!! though his new album is going to disappoint a lot of his fans

    Blue Print 3!!!!!!!!! baby

  16. elan says:

    the problem with the shirt is a lot of people won’t understand the intellectual ideas Bakahasi’s cartoons illuminate. That is a problem, but it goes the same with kids wearing Beatles shirts and have no idea who they are.

  17. elan says:

    and yes they did kinda rip off polo but so does every company, og polo like lo life is way way way more expensive than supreme, their is more hype behind vintage attire that is really tight, and original, than a supreme shirt.

  18. the_dallas says:

    Keep doing your research dunny. Ralph BAKSHI isn’t some Japanese cat like them BAPE dudes and the movie ‘Streetfight’ >>> Supreme’s entire history

  19. elan says:

    first of all, Bape actually was cool in the early mid 90’s according to things i have read from people who remember the brand. Nigo, the founder of the brand was the intern to Hiroshi Fujiwara (modern father of streetwear). I am not a hug fan of bape and i think its overpriced. It sort of died out when lil wayne and like other rappers started wearing it. All of these brands basically started from stussy, shawn stussy did the album cover for a Malcom Mcclaren old school hip hop album, which is crazy. I would rather wear Coogi than Bape. Keep it Vintage

  20. Very nice design and style and fantastic subject matter, very little else we want : D.

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