Keeping It Montreal…


Big up to the Habs’ center SAKU KOIVU who returned to the ice after suffering a broken foot.

Hockey players >>hardbody>> everyone other living mammal.

You have to show love to the Habs when you blow through Quebec and that is what I am doing right now. Chocolate Snowflake decided to treat me to a long weekend at this city along the St.Lawrence River. Montreal is an old school port city like New York, or Philly or even Boston of course. I need to make a run to Boston to see what the lifestyle is like over there.

I already told y’all dudes to get yourself a C.S. in your lifestyle. Go to a museum or an off-Broadway play or some shit. Wear a nice button down shirt and maybe a sweater vest. Take the toothpick and gold fronts out of your mouth. While you have been busy fucking up your whole life she has been reading books that will help you learn shit that you thought you already knew. Impress your friends with your newfound intelligence.

So as I was saying, C.S. brought me to Montreal to catch a breather and experience something fresh and new. I always had love for Montreal ever since JACKIE ROBINSON came here to play for the Dodgers AA affiliate. When Montreal finally got their own team they weren’t too shabby either, word to the Hawk and the Raines man. The 1990’s Expo squad was one of the best teams ever in baseball. Word to that player’s strike in 1995.

Montreal reminded me a lot of Brooklyn. The residences are primarily low rise townhouses and the city itself is built for walking. I found Canada to be a little expensive too, but that is because I am living off my eBay sales right now. Still and all, I blame the Clintons for fucking me over with that NAFTA bullshit. There’s now way Canadien money should be on par with U.S. currency. Their shit looks wild fake.

I thought I would get my D-Nice on and photoblog some of the sights and sites I encountered up north.


I stay repping my lifestyle. Yes, the socks are Ralph Lauren.


C.S. and I traveled the city east, west, north and south with these magic tickets. Montreal has massively swagger jacked Paris and named their subway system the Metro.

True story is that the buses in Montreal run on time though.



Some futuristic alien Logan’s Run shit. You don’t really get the scale of these buildings from these pictures, but my ass was totally impressed[ll]. This complex was built for the Olympics in 1972. Public architecture has been moving backwards ever since every where else. I give credit to Montreal for having the referendums and the resolve to maintain all of this shit. They do tax you in Canada like a motherfucker, but then you have the chance to avail yourself of all this shit if you are a resident.

I have never had a problem with paying for shit as long as I was represented fairly and equally for my taxation.


The former Olympic Centre is now a state managed public fitness complex. I may have lost a few pounds just walking the grounds of this sprawling campus.


More public architecture that inspires people to be proud and proactive. A government building with a multi-colored glass facade, evoking the principles of inclusion and transparency. What a novel idea for a government?


The biggest difference between the French Catholics and the Roman Catholics is the fact that the French keep their winged goddesses covered up.

The Italians always seem to have a loose titty or two on a statue.


Good for Giorgio Armani that he switched up the name of that godawful cologne. I know some Black folks that weren’t having any parts of that ‘Black Code’ bullshit.


Option#2 public bathrooms are totally deucable.


Shame on a nigga!
For coming into town on the day I am leaving.


Mount Royal kept it real, but the city I belong to bears the name on my crown.

20 Responses to “Keeping It Montreal…”

  1. mcarroll4716 says:

    Keeping it Montreal…

    Oh yeah, Imma be in Montreal in June. What’s worth checking out?

  2. Candice says:

    I love Canada. Toronto is my city though! Loving the flics.

  3. Marvelous Mo says:

    Word….shout outs to Canada. I got a few homies from up top.

    One homegirl is from Montreal who speaks the best French. That chick passed her French regents with a 99%.

    My other homegirl from Toronto is cool though. She’s getting the nightlife/dj shit poppin up there. DJ Lissa Monet

    Glad you had a good time D…even though you missed some fine ass weather over here.

  4. P-Matik says:

    Montreal > most of the USA.

    • Torie says:

      chicasss, recuerden dejar su link aqui y aparte anotarse en el INLINKZ que está hasta el último del post, vale???? Les recordamos también que en el Face de Piensa Scrap cada diseñadora está dando los tips de cómo hizo su pÃ!i!na!g¡!! No dejen de pasar a visitarnos por allá! 🙂

  5. Big Homie says:

    I never been to Montreal and the only time I been to Canada was when I was 4. Forgot the spot though but know it wasnt Montreal or Toronto or any big city.

    Dallas, how is the night life and women out there???

  6. big rils says:

    Canada is a fine country. Still haven’t made it to the T Dot, but Vancouver and Montreal do it right.

    But D – don’t go blaming the priciness on NAFTA, Canada was quite affordable until the last 5 or 6 years that the Bush administration has been actively devaluing American $$ currency compared to the rest of the world. I used to pop up to Montreal in the early 00’s before I was 21 to have some proper experiences and with the exchange rate at 60 cents to the dollar, you could blow through that monopoly money without too much worry.

    Truth be told though, watch out for the american college kids from the northeast running around certain parts of MTL at night. They’ll make you want to fight. And don’t buy weed from a dude in a burger king bathroom. Matter of fact, don’t buy anything from a dude in a burger king bathroom.

  7. sublicon says:

    I hope the Rangers get swept next round.

  8. dpgc says:

    Montreal and Vancouver are two of the nicest places you will ever go. But to even imply that a hockey team from either of these two cities are could possibly be better than Calgary is blasphemy.

    I know you didn’t mention anything about Montreal being better than Calgary. But since I’m a relentless homer I thought I would bring it up.

  9. LM says:

    Thanks for the scouting report… you are funny on these sports event years.

  10. thoreauly77 says:

    logans run for sure. so wheres the capitol engulfed in vines and deteriorating? oh and that roof looks skateable for sure. word to compton ass terry.

  11. Safari says:

    I’m like 4 hrs drive from MTL.. that place has a ridiculous nightlife.. St. Laurent till 3am and head to Circus/Aria or Redlight(if u drivin) for afterhours till the sun comes up..

    Check Jano’s on St. Laurent & Dulut.. the dopest portuguese churrasquera ever.. If you get there for Montreal Jazz festival the streets will be packed with some strong sounds.. 100% summer festival city…

  12. Combat Jack says:

    i got mad familiy in montreal. my grand aunt turned 90 a few years ago so i loaded the fam and drove up there to celebrate. had a ball, but yeah, seems like black knows their place.

  13. Dart_Adams says:

    Anytime you wanna make a run to Boston lemme know and I’ll let you know about the different sides of this great city of mine (and where not to go).


  14. mrkamoji says:

    dawg wu-tang in montreal equaled rae, masta killa and u-god. Rza, Meth no showes. Deck and Ghostface has boarder issues. what you actually missed were the riots are the habs beat the bruins. seven cop cars burned and footlocker looted.

  15. Kamryn says:

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  16. http://www./ says:

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  18. I love the artwork, so surreal in many ways… and some pieces a tad bit scary. It is a feeling more than a direct observation. Amazing art. I do not think I ever “felt” art before.

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