DP Drinks The Red Kool-Aid…

kool aid

What the fuck was I doing at a Kool-Aid x Reebok collaboration launch party.

NYC Wednesday Obama bitches. You should already know.

I’m a little mad with Kool-Aid for compromising their brand with this collaboration. I don’t think any sneaker brand could really do Kool-Aid justice as consumer legacy equals. This is Kool-Aid we are talking about here. That shit has quenched the thirst of Americans since the Civil War. I don’t know. Maybe.

My point is that whenever you see some kid drinking a red liquid you automatically yell out “Kool-Aid”. Whether that shit is Flavor Ade, Sunny D or blood, it doesn’t really matter. Kool-Aid has the block on lock. I feel like they traded in their brand for a handful of wacksauce beans. Reebok has been busy making rapper knockoff sneakers. The S Dots were fake Gucci classics and the G-Unit shoes were bootlegg Rod Lavers.

Somebody at Kool-Aid should have done the knowledge. Who runs that shit anyhoo? If a sister isn’t running at least the R & D division the people at Kool-Aid should kill themselves. My moms made the first “vitamin water”. It was a skinny package of Kool-Aid with the last bit if sugar we had in the house. I didn’t give a fuck as long as it was red. I didn’t care what they were serving up at the Obama either. As long as it was alcohol. And it was. Dewars bitches.

The venue was a sneaker store across the street from Bryant Park. The same Bryant Park which hosts the tents for Mercedes-Benz fashion week. It was fashionable and sexy. A nice little precursor for the upcoming spring summer season. Take a look for yourselves…

The summertime is always mad energizing like a whiff of Tinkerbell’s stank to Peter Pan, and GOD bless the child that got its own.

After the fellas left the Kool-Aid party and motivated to the next Obama someone was rumored to have had a full container of Jamba Juice.

Jamba Juice will not make you fresher.

Jamba Juice will not give you street cred.

Jamba Juice is losing by more than fifty superdelegates.

Pinkberry > Jamba Juice

DP definitely drinks the red Kool-Aid, but never, ever, EVAR does he sip the Jamba Juice.

9 Responses to “DP Drinks The Red Kool-Aid…”

  1. 40 says:

    Dallas I admonish you for not hollering when you’re going to after work Obama’s right by my place of employ.

  2. persuede says:

    Man, you need an editor.

  3. Was that Training Camp?

  4. the_dallas says:

    Yeah, that joint was at Training Camp.

    Man, I effed up the code for this drop.

    Diesel, they having something there tomorrow nite. I was gonna do the Obama there(8pm) and then motivate to 34th to peep Iron Man. What’s good pimp-o-matic?

  5. 40 says:

    I’m in. Neux Homeux.

  6. While this isn’t a sneaker fiends post… LOL you went to that? I wish I knew this was going down cause I woulda went.

    Not that I like the collabo too much, but it is interesting. I sort of wish Kool Aid did its thing with a smaller sneaker company. i think that would have been cooler… like Vans, Pro Keds or maybe ALIFE

  7. a-one says:

    lol lmao whatever other internets acronyms for laffin @ “moms made the first vitamin water”

  8. N.O. in my bloodstream says:

    “whenever you see some kid drinking a red liquid you automatically yell out “Kool-Aid”. Whether that shit is Flavor Ade, Sunny D or blood, it doesn’t really matter.”


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