The Association: GOAT Ghey Mag Cover…


Even more ghey than Lil’ Wang shirtless with a chainring through his right nipple hooked onto a smiling skullface attached to Birdbrain’s beltloop.

Ghey x 3.

Ghey cubed.

But don’t take my word for it since I’m just a player hater.

Even the Hindabi cats that stock the newsstand shelves know this magazine belongs in the ghey section above the Triathlete Monthly.

Oh, and yeah…

*Lakeshow in 5*


14 Responses to “The Association: GOAT Ghey Mag Cover…”

  1. DC says:

    How can you call KG gay? The guy is a fucking warrior. Plus, Celtics are 2-0 vs the Lakers this year, so your prediction just seems off base and out of smite. I guess New Yorkers are tired of consistently being outshined by the best sports city in the world, Boston. Celtics in 6.

  2. that cannot be the gay magazine section, as there’s a tennis magazine with “Young Djok” Djokivic in that section.

    Before any tennis haters labels tennis gay, consider that there’s no physical contact between men in tennis.

    USA football/NFL, and baskbetball? Tons of male contact, very gay.

    Also you can play mixed doubles with fly ladies in tennis. If you have an ass-inine XD partner, when you go to serve, you can take a look at your bootylicious partner bent over at the net for a second, before firing off the serve.

    Tennis = GOAT hetero sport!

  3. a-one says:

    Tennis shoes.
    Tennis shorts.
    Tennis bracelet.

    all teh ghey

  4. a-one, I grant you that before my time the tennis shoes & shorts were teh ghey. Prolly like the 1970s-1980s Arthur Ashe/John McEnroe era.

    tennis shoes & shorts have been very hetero in the Sampras 1990s era & continuing into now into the 2000s Federer era.

    WTF is a tennis bracelet? Maybe more 70s era gheyness, I’ve never seen anyone wear such a thing to play tennis, even the girls from mixed doubles league.

    OTOH, basketball stays being gay in every era, when dunking on some spare, the dunker stays an extra 2 seconds with his nuts in the spare’s face to literally rub it in. VERY GHEY! It is impossible to disclaimer your way outta that one!

    And the basketball shorts in the 1980s with Bird, Stockton, Magic Johnson (Ghey name!) were 10X gheyer than the 70s McEnroe shorts

    Hey at least ur fav sport isn’t Olympic wrestling, that shyt has gotta be the WOAT gheyest sport. Actually, come to thinking of it even that WWF fake wrestling is hella ghey also, all wrestling, both real & fake, is trey ghey

  5. Dart_Adams says:

    Every time the Celtics get hated on an angel gets his or her wings. All they do is go out and win games. I don’t need to say anything in defense of these cats anymore. From now on I’m gonna do what Doc Rivers tells his squad to do: Let their games speak for them and if anyone has anything to say at the end of the game just point up at the scoreboard and keep it moving.

    Ubuntu! © Boston Celtics


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  6. Enigmatik says:

    give the C’s credit, Dallas…they’ll win 2…

  7. the_dallas says:

    Every Olympic sport = ghey

    two man luge?!? – gheyer than a nag of dicks tied around Lil’ Wang’s neck.

    Didn’t tennis just become an Olympic sport?

  8. big rils says:

    Celts in 6!

    are you saying Pierce, Allen, and KG could possibly be gheyer than Kobe, Gasol, and Vujacic?

    Come on.

  9. Vina says:

    I agree with Tara that it is prblaboy mostly crafters seeing this and thus no harm done. As a strategy to inspire buyers to the hand made world, not such a good idea in my mind.

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