There isn’t much for me to say to glorify this man that more notable statesmen haven’t already proffered.

GEORGE CARLIN was a genius.

Period. Point blank.

He was committed to discussing the truth and also needed to be committed to an asylum. I loved CARLIN’s examination of language and how it is used to confuse our better sensibilities. There is SOOOOOO much in my life that I have cribbed from his rants. My lifelong ambition to be a class clown was fueled from listening to CARLIN cassettes. The name on my eBay account comes from a CARLIN skit. He taught me to love the word ‘cunt’. I’ll assume he taught JOHN McCAIN as well.

Here are a few rants of his that describe his genius perfectly. Thank you GOD for sending us this humble servant. I shudder to think what GEORGE CARLIN would say to that.

‘Why Kids Love Farts’

‘Baseball vs. Football’

‘The List Of People Who Ought To Be Killed’

5 Responses to “R.I.P. GEORGE CARLIN”

  1. yea he was a funny kat

  2. Casey says:

    Can’t believe he’s dead…RIP

    Props on those routines DP.

  3. Dj RaYz says:

    This is classic! RIP GC.

  4. travispippens says:

    Fuck LuAnne haha!

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