Back In The Basement…

back to the future

When I first started coming on, er, to, yeah, to the internets it was for all things pr0n related. Natch. I didn’t fuck with the blogs too tough since I didn’t think I would be interested in reading about the lifestyle or the opinions of people who sat in their parent’s basements.

Fast forward ten years into the future, which would be the present right now, which is technically the past since it happened a few seconds ago and here I find myself talking to you from… My parent’s basement. What an ironic turn of fortune my life has been.

If we were having this very conversation twenty years prior it would have been about me leaving my folks on a sour note to strike out into the world on my own. The adult world is tougher and even more ruthless than I could have imagined. I have survived here with my guile, wit and charm. And even then, sometimes only by the skin of my teeth.

But now I am home again. Wherever my mother is will always be my home. Peace to all my fam that is without their old Earths. I will be that dude one day myself. Until then I shall remain the Black Peter Pan, sans tights and fairy booties. Forever 14yrs old for those of you that have forgotten the feeling. Reading my comics, keeping my sneakers in their original boxes, still loving the girls, but scared to touch them because that is how they gets pregnants and the what not.

Let’s have fun this week and reminisce on when we lived with our parents and they paid the phone bill…

The above pictured vehicle is a motorcycle/car hybrid from BMW. The Clever concept car will be powered by compressed natural gas and reduce our dependence of fossil fuel energy as well as reducing our carbon dioxide emissions.

Comic Con in San Diego is the largest comic book and fanzine related gathering on the planet. In the last five years or so that Hollywood has increased the output of superhero and comic book related blockbuster movies Comic Con has become a more important screening venue than Sundance or the Tribeca Film Festival. Some O.G. fans of Comic Con are feeling a kind of way now that superheroes have gone mainstream.

If you still haven’t seen the “Dark Knight’ film. Please kill yourself. Now.

The following video is of an internets celebrity who is my hero. Go Buckeyes.

10 Responses to “Back In The Basement…”

  1. Cheryl Lynn says:

    Did you see the leaked trailer for the Wolverine movie yet?

  2. Dart_Adams says:

    I came here to post that exact same thing! The original was in two parts from a cat that went to Comic Con:

    I can’t believe these jackholes are rewriting the Luke Cage script for the FOURTH goddamn time. I think Killa Ramsey needs to hang it up and let John Singleton find someone else to do do it.



  3. kirby says:

    Yo DP look at the super big mac video. You would be proud

  4. Amadeo says:

    Hmm…that might not suck…I hope. When you don’t get to the heart of comic books you might as well kill them. I want to see what they do with The Watchmen.

  5. Amadeo says:

    BTW…I haven’t seen TDK yet…I don’t like people enough to go when movies first come out.

  6. 40 says:

    Amadeo… I haven’t seen it yet either…

    I will say that the effin 2 week IMAX waiting list is not helping me see this…

  7. Marvelous Mo says:


    I don’t know where you reside, but if you’re in nyc there’s an 8:45pm + 12:30am screening today.

    and always buy your tix online if you’re going to see a hot flick. nobody can tell you shit!

  8. henry says:

    how many different people post on here?

  9. Billy Sunday says:

    Thousands, maybe billions…

  10. Mr.Londoner says:

    look i’m waiting to watch it in the IMAX..shit is fully booked.

    if i don’t see that ish by next week, i’m gone..

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