Afro Ninja, The Movie?!?

afro samurai

From a hilarious YouTube clip we now have a full feature length film.

Afro Ninja: Destiny

Fuck the bullshit, the iC’s are making a feature length movie out of the Ghetto Big Mac where Rafi and I create the most illest, futuristic sandwich evar.


7 Responses to “Afro Ninja, The Movie?!?”

  1. Big Homie says:

    You can’t be serious? lmaoooo

    If I don’t make it here this weekend, DP get some good fotages of Rock The Bells Sunday. Shit was crazy when it was in DC last weekend.

    *ninja vanish*

  2. Meka Soul says:

    true story: i used to work at the production company where the afro ninja went down [no pun]. somehow a production assistant got hold of it, showed it to his friend, who showed it to his friend, who showed it to their friend, who tossed it up on youtube. my old job had to put the afro ninja in the nike commercial he was auditioning for [remember those lebron james/chambers joints?] so he wouldn’t sue.

    mek dot aka combat jack jr. kidding, of course.

  3. nerditry says:

    I challenge you to an East Coast IC vs Down South OG sandwiching. Any, any variant of the Big Mac against my Future Luther.

    [||] The only Luther dripping with more juice than the original.

  4. Marvelous Mo says:

    @ DP:
    “iC’s are making a feature length movie out of the Ghetto Big Mac”

    aaaaah! my comment yesterday wasn’t ignored after all!

    (i think)

  5. agreed with Big Homie.
    DC show was craaaaaaaazy.

    Who knows Homie, maybe I saw you there.

  6. Dallas check you email…

  7. Nigger Killer says:

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