Puttin’ NY On The ‘A’…


Much thanks to all my peeps in the ‘A’ for holding me down so lovely even though my stay was so brief.


We gots to do that again fellas.

Thanks for showing me the nightlife scene. Please tell me where the eff I was so I can back there when I return.

El Gringo Colombiano
Good looking out on all that music you hit me off with and the spindle of blank CD’s so that I can continue my snail mail projects.

I can’t front on the ‘A’ because y’all have some beautiful people living down here. Not just good looking folks, but good living too. If I ever say anything sideways about the south it will be Mississippi that I am badmouthing.


4 Responses to “Puttin’ NY On The ‘A’…”

  1. no doubt homie…wish we could’ve connected again before you broke out…i got this exam tonight so i’ve been in the library every night this week…

    as far as the sideways comments about the south, there is some flaw shit going on down here, but we like to be the only ones to speak on it.

  2. Combat Jack says:

    ^”I can’t front on the ‘A’ because y’all have some beautiful people living down here. ”

    Just don’t go running up in dem broads raw or you too can be infected with the monster. Not hating, but the South stays losing.

    Nah, just joking. Just a bit wary of major Black populated cities where MAD Black people stay brainwashed by that White Jesus, Mystical God up in the sky joke. ESPECIALLY since MAD brothers in the A be on their serious down-low game and stay taking it in the A. Then be all up in chuuuurch on Sunday rocking the most colorful Steve Harvey Collection joints with their missus and kids an ’em.


  3. big rils says:


    I just got that basketball via the snail mail. Good looks on the C’s colors. You outdo yourself every time.


  4. Nattiez says:

    Big ups to the A. I was college and strip club educated there. Met my brother the Twerkolator freshman year and its “93 To Infinity” from there my nigs. The A has flaws as any big city and as pointed out previously, but there is something warm and good and soulful that you can feel when you are there. My fam bought in years ago and we keep a res that, like DP, moms is there now. I give mad love for the city that help raise me, help keep me safe when i needed and taught a brother how fine black can be. There are flaws and mad shit is flaw as hell, like too many gats and not enough diplomas, but as always, big up to the A and Emory U.

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